Which dealer

After scouring the Guzzi dealer list i have decided that my nearest ones are either Rocket Centre in Blackburn or Twiggers in Leicestershire.

I will be looking for a pre holiday service…the full monty so to speak.

Has anyone had any experience of these dealers…ie standard of work etc.


I use Twiggers…decent family business not got any personal experience of Rocket so can’t comment.

Got my 2nd hand Breva last year from Twiggers. Has run without problems for 4000 miles since then. I found them to be very helpful people.

Thanks folks

I bought my NTX STelvio from the Rocket Centre in Blackburn, so far I’ve had the initial (1000mile) and first 12 month (6000ml) services completed by them.They are a multi franchise outfit, but I haven’t had any problems with them. A friend of mine has also used them on a couple of occassions to have his Stelvio serviced without any problems. They will lend you a bike if you ask. My mate and I have always taken our bikes to them the afternoon before the day of the service so that the engine is stone cold for the valve check.The service manager Steve is keen on the Guzzis and seems a clued up bloke.

Thanks for the info