which goggles for a Davida jet

I have a nice 1200 sport on which I like to wear my Davida jet open Face helmet.
Can anyone advise on the best goggles to use. On my old Honda the screen allowed me to get away with an open Face visor from Davida but my Guzzi only has a fly screen (standard) so I have to wear extra eye protection to keep the wind out. I am thinking old aviator style goggles but what brand will fit best?

Have you had a look at the Davida website as they have goggles to match
their helmets
not cheap though

I use the ‘Aviator Goggle’ by Leon Jeantet as sold by Davida. They fit the helmet and are deep enough to fit over my glasses. I wasn’t too sure when I bought them but having used them for more than 10 years now I am quite convinced. I fitted a new strap last year as the elastic had gone soggy (don’t we all?) and replacement lenses are also available should you damage one. The lens surround is some sort of plastic but the edge that fits to the face is a beautifully soft leather. I really like them. Just my opinion, I have no connection with Davida or Jeantet!
PS. Have you tried a visor? Davida sell on which fits their jet helmets. I bought one last year and find it much preferable to the goggles in the warm months.

I use Aviato googles on my bell jet face. No problems - well no worse than any other goggles that Ive ever tried, I’ve never had googles that seal really well

I use Bolle with the Davida puddin’. Comfortable even over a pair of sunnies.

Thanks all for the replys. I will give the Aviators a try. I have got the Davida visor but still get wind in the eye at speed.

I’m assuming that’s Mark…?

If so, you’d be welcome to borrow my Mk 8 goggles to try as we’re pretty local to each other. I should be at Crown & Thistle next Weds, and maybe the Borehole “away” trip on Monday 8th. Ian ( from Ranton)

BTW - Whenever you leave the helmet slip the goggles to relieve the pressure on the elastic strap. Extends the life substantially.

Yes this is Mark. Thanks for the offer. I may well take you up on that offer as soon as work permits I will be in touch. I was hoping to make the away trip but it is looking unlikely. Catch up soon.

I think tonight’s outing is cancelled, so next Staffs meet is Hollybush Denford on 17th April. Or drop me a PM and call round.