Which Guzzi or a newbie

Afternoon all, the names Rob and I’m a young acting 54 year old and new to the website and I’m looking for advice regarding which MG I should look at when we’re all allowed out again!! I live in London and currently ride a BMW F800GT which is basically has GT in the title, but isn’t really. It’s looking like I’ll be starting a new job soon where I’ll be likely to end up doing a motorway commute, which my 800 isn’t really up to, partly as it’s not really a cruiser and secondly due to several bike accidents that have left me with shoulder problems and the vibration makes it a painful ride after an hour.

I’ve been thinking of getting a bigger bike and have been looking at MG’s, but I’m not sure which one (hence the query), I’ll also need to do trips into town (central London) so the California is I think too big, so any advice on what the Norge or the Stelvio are like as these seem to be the closed to what I’ll probably need (I think?), so any advice as to which one to go for (or alternatives)?..

You never know, I might even be able to have a test ride soon!!


Hi Rob, welcome to the forum. I have had a Stelvio for 10 years now and I love it. It is big and heavy but as I’m 6’2" I fit it well. I don’t do a lot of town riding on it but it might suit you. The Norge is similar or an 1100 Breva might be an alternative. The best bet is to get a long, and I really mean long at least two hours, test ride and see what you think and what suits you. The smaller 750’s might be an option if you are not too tall, and would probably deal with London riding better being a fair bit lighter.

Let us know how you get on!

Depends on just how much motorway and your physical size. A Breva 750 might actually fit the bill, not be too expensive, and would be a good first toe dipped in the water.

If you are on the East side of London you might want to consider coming out to and Essex branch meeting. We’re expecting to hold a ‘sixed’ gathering Sunday lunch time April 18th - venue awaiting final confirmation. Should hopefully be a few bikes there for you to look over.

All of the bikes you mentioned will be heavier than your Beemer and probably have as much vibration. But perhaps in a nicer way :smiley:
You haven’t said what your budget is. If you can run to it a V85TT may fit the bill.

As said above a long test ride will tell you what you need to know.

Afternoon all, thanks for your replies, I’m in Greenwich so the Essex branch meeting on the 18th might be possible so please let me know when you have the venue sorted.

With regards to budget it’ll be a px with the Beemer so maybe £5k- £8k would be what I’ll be looking at, although nearer the £5k would be preferable, and I’m around 5’11" so average height. With regards to the 750 Breva does that that have any fairing on it as it’ll be about an 80 mile motorway/ dual carriageway ride to Worthing where I may be working. But I may also need to be heading to Westminster for the town ride, which is a pig getting into Central London for me, or possibly Croydon, but I don’t know yet.

Venue is sorted. Details;

Sunday 18th April from 13:00 (lunchtime)
Megarry’s teashop,
Blacksmiths Alley,

Note this will be strictly under prevailing Covid guidelines. Rule of 6. No more than 6 motorcycle parked together, no more than 6 people talking together. The teashop is open for takeout only. It’s on the green so parking and spreading out will not be an issue.