Which is the best investment?

If you were going to buy a guzzi that was nice to ride out but was also likely to be a future classic, which would you buy? Maybe one that currently was at around it’s lowest value but might become sought after in the future?

One with round barrels…

Although Mille GT’s seem to go at reasonable prices at the moment and are certainly very good bikes. It all depends what you want and how much you want to pay and what type of bike you want - Tourer, Cruiser or Sport?

I think the 1100 sport injections are under valued at the moment and now is the time to buy the 1100 Griso ,but buy the best you can get and as original as possible because that’s what people look for in classic bikes

The Mille GT is the poor man’s 1000s, it has the cali engine with small valves and 30mm carbs.The Spada III is the far better engine, being 36mm cabs and mid valve heads, but can be bought for a song.Frame parts are the same apart from a few plastic bits and colour. But I have never bought a bike as an investment anyway.

avoid ones with 16" wheels or small blocks with 4v heads…

Yep, and the motor is a diamond…

Feel happier now that i have fitted new belts Kate !

Betcha do, my Dato had new belts fitted by Mike R d C at Motocorsa, to be fair tho there was nowt wrong with the ones on it…Your Centi looks great, well done with it…spoke to Baldrick at last years Scottish which I went to on said Dato…he said he’s done followers at 50 thou…
My Daytona is chipped, has termis, velocity stacks and Carillo rods and will happily hit the dead cut limiter(gulp) in top, entertainin…
If I’m honest however, the handlin is nowhere near as good as a tonti, that would be my ideal bike, that motor in a tonti frame…not too straightforward however !guykate2014-04-23 17:56:45

I was there last year and saw your Daytona ( Drool ).All being well i am going to try to attend again ths year on my trusty 75th Anniversary Cali as i had a great time and met some cracking people. Always go myself as it forces you to make friends and TALK
DazGuzzi2014-04-23 18:25:31

Mk1 LM is the obvious classic and will hold value, but it’s too pricy to be a ‘climber’. The other end of the LM scale, however, a good MkV, just might.

Despite seeing bikes as usable objects more than investments, if I had to choose one in particular (and being rather ignorant of most things Guzzi) it would have to be the MGS01. I get the feeling going by the prices they are already considered an investment. Aesthetically beautiful and ‘rare as rocking horse pooh’ appeal.

It was the one Guzzi which made me see the mark in a different light.

Lovely looking bike!

Nice bike!