Which Screen?

Thinking about changing the stock screen on my 750 Breva for something that offers a bit more protection. I have one on my 850t and find it’s well worth having. Has anyone any recommendations. The Puigs seem to be the common choice, maybe the C2, or maybe something else?

I don’t want a ‘barn door’, but something that will make a difference in bad weather, but not just direct all the wind and rain to face level.

I have the standard Nevada screen on mine and find it more than good enough.
I am 6’.

Thanks Ian. Is that the screen that is a 4-bracket mount, or just 2, (to the bars).

4 screws fits direct to a bracket on the headlight.

The screen that Ian has is not now obtainable, guzzi supplies the touring screen for the later V7, its quite good, you can tilt it forwards, however I fitted one to my breva and found it useless, I like to ride with my visor slightly open and the rain just shot in onto my glasses, also it seemed to deflect the water onto my hands much more
I went back to my Puig screen, but instead of using the clamps onto the handlebars, I came up with a fitting that is as neat as an OE one
the puig screen has a ridge across the centre to break the airflow up, it is also wider and keeps my hands warm and dry and is a little bit taller so that my glasses stay dry
if you contatc me via Pm I can email you fitting instructions