Which tyres for 1974 750S?

I bought my 1974 750 S a good few years ago with new Battlax on. Now researching some new tyres, but wavering about the choice. Shall I stick with metric, or go back to original spec as per handbook?

Current sizes are: Front=100 90 18, Rear=110 90 18

The rear Battlax wore out and I put a new (old stock) ME99 perfect on a couple of years ago. It improved the `white-line´ stability tremendously, and is no problem with the front Battlax, rides well, no dramas.

Now the front is worn out, so I looked for a Metzeler would be best paired with the rear ME99A. But I don’t see much choice except lasertec which I am not keen on.

So I thought, perhaps spend more and put the original spec. on, as per tech. spec. of the handbook:

e.g. Front, 3.25-18 (possibley ME11 Perfect) and Rear, 3.50-18 (possibly ME77 Perfect).

I checked rim sizes and noted the front rim is not a WM2 18 as per handbook spec., but is a WM3 / 2.15-18" (rear is standard WM3 Cross, deep valance). As far as I know, front is original rim but the bike was imported from Italy over 20 years ago so it may have been changed there. Guzzi deviated from spec. from time to time as we all know, and. I think WM3 was used for the 750 S3 a year or so later.

So the questions are:

  1. If I decide to spend money on new `original spec´ tyres, will the 3.25 18 be correct / OK on the WM3 rim?
  2. What did 750 S3 have on originally (was it also 3.25-18 and 3.50-18? I think this answers Q1.
  3. If fitting `original spec.´ tyres, are the ME11 / ME77 best choice, or are there better alternatives?
  4. If I simply replace the front Battlax, what is the best 100 90 18 choice for a pairing with the rear ME99A Perfect? (e.g. should I assume the 3.25-18 ME11 is not a good pairing for the 110 90 18?). It could be good to be able to use the ME99A, it seems a good handling tyre.

The more I went into the choices, the more options I found, so some concrete info. based on experience would be welcomed. My questions may seem stupid, but I think it’s better not to be afraid to ask.

Thanks, Giles Lacey

I tried lazertec’s on my 1000s and can only compare them to the old Avon Sm’s of the 70’s,
I’ve found the best tyre’s are the Battlax’s.

I run BT45’s on my Spada and Roadriders on my 850GT. Happy with both. I think most modern tyres will be better than anything from the 70’s.
Can’t remember sizes, but can check if needed.

ME 11 Lazer front
ME 99 rear

Mine are 20 years old and now had it (no surprise) so I wait to see what others think.

On the 1100 Sport I had Bridgestone Battlax BT020
120/70 ZR17 front
160/60 ZR18 rear

But of course these are too big and tubeless, they don’t have an equivalent as far as I know.

I see a lot of confidence in the Battlax here and elsewhere. On that basis, if it aint broke, don’t try and fix it.

The worn out Battlax 100/90-18 will be replaced with a new one, and keep to metric front + rear.

I would have liked to try original size 3.25 and 3.50 tyres with modern compounds, just to feel how they handle.

But it would be an expensive leap of faith.

Thanks for your replies.

Giles Lacey

I use BT45s on my S3, have done for 10 years or so now, great tyres for grip and wear, and they made the previous Metzelers feel very old fashioned. I have heard from other early 750 owners that Pirelli Sport Demons are apparently superb and better than the Bridgestones, but I haven’t tried them personally.

Ditto for my S3. Also have BT45 on the Eldo. T3 Cali has Avons which seem to have stopped being splitters!!