Who would like some new colours for the Mandello !

I sit and wait patiently for some new exciting colour schemes, ah yes and gold wheels on the S just like the early press launch. Come on Guzzi get on act together on the Mandello.

An order is waiting

Agreed, one of the reasons I went for the standard bike was for the red pearlescent paint & gold wheels. Also wasn’t bothered about the fancy suspension (having had similar on BMWs) and the quick-shifter reviews being somewhat mixed. The cost saving made it a simple choice and just added the MG heated grips - added by the dealer before I collected it. Perfect!

I am very pleased with the gren colour but would have liked the gold wheels but came with the black, may have to bite the bulletv this year and get a pair of gold wheels. The design would easily take some new colur schemes. Lovely looking bike tho.