Why do v7iii indicators have to be so ugly?

I love my v7iii. It is without question the best bike I have ever had in 30+ years of motorcycling. The only things that really grate on my OCD mind are the indicators and tail light assembly, which are hardly models of Italian design. They are more like exhumations from the ugly-parts bin.

In order the to improve matters, I have raided the Motone website. One thing i discovered is that their Bonneville front indicator brackets - see https://www.motone.co.uk/motorcycle-parts-c26/triumph-bonneville-c25/indicator-turn-signal-brackets-for-lc-triumphs-p2017 - fit the v7iii exactly.

With some black alloy indicators, and a Lucas tail light assembly I think my bike now looks more like something from a Milan catwalk and less like something from a cat’s breakfast.

I must say that have been very impressed by the quality of Motone’s products and service. The prices aren’t too bad for the quality you get, and all the more so if you can catch one of their special offers (I exploited a flash discount via Stuart Fillingham’s You Tube channel).




The originals are like this?


They are a bit naff.

They look ok to me, what have you replaced them with?

Guzzi tend not to redesign components like this and so it is what they have in the parts bin or can buy in that suits.

I used the indicators here:


Some pictures, as requested:

2FBB13B9-3AA5-4503-8262-D6340EAB1E74 by Brian Derry, on Flickr


It’s not just me then, thinking the indicators on the new bikes (V7 III, V85TT) look like tacked-on parts bin specials. IMHO the V7 & V7 II indicators suit the bike, not sure why they had to change them?

Other manufacturers are similar though, it’s all about driving the BOM cost as low as possible I suppose.
Motone parts certainly look to be good quality, YouTube Vlogger Stuart Fillingham is a big fan.