Will a T3 California rear carrier fit a normal T3?

Hi, I am new to Guzzi land with my 1977 T3. I am looking for a rear carrier to fit to it. Lots of adverts for T3 California racks (pricey!). Will the Cali rack fit my T3. Had a great time at the Yorkshire rally and came away with a top box!

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it’s sort of a no. it will fit for sure because a T3 California is a T3 in a party frock… but the T3Cali rack is also the mount for the T3Cali seat. You could maybe mod one by removing some mounting lugs (and thus fit rack and regular T3 seat), but I guess you’d need to get hands on with one to suss that out.

Tonti frame racks are few and far between these days, but it’s worth an ask (and maybe some patient waiting). Hepco & Becker made one, I think, but as i recall that was integral with luggage frames. (could be wrong). HTH

edit: enjoy your T3 and… Welcome!

The Cali t3 seat arrangement is quite different to the standard T3 so it is unlikely that the rack would fit.
There is a T3 rack for sale on ebay, in Holland, Teo lamers I expect, but it’s 250 euros plus postage and a possible custom surcharge.
Edit NBS in Staffs are advertising one, supply may be limited as I beleive Roy (O & S Stainless) has recently retired.

Barry, Don, thank you for your helpful replies. Ill have to go on the hunt. NBS no longer stock them.


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