wind buffeting from V85TT touring screen

I recently fitted a touring screen to my V85TT and now get bad wind buffeting at helmet visor level. Can anyone recommend a wind deflector to fit that prevents or reduces the buffeting?

Or any other solution that solves it?



I have v85 travel which comes with a touring screen, tried a deflector, it was just as bad. Took my wife’s v85 for a service and realised the standard screen is better so ended up buying a Std screen. Btw my wife tried mines with the touring screen and she hated it. Sorry that was my experience

I got a chinese 15 quid blade attachment off ebay that clips on the top, it has made a big difference. I dont like how it looks (single clip in middle) so i am eventually going to get one that has a curved shape and clips each side.

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I have used MRA Xcreen with success in the past…

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I’ll have a look for them online, cheers

Thank you Gino. Seems most have the same experience with the touring screen. I kept the short screen so can swap over. J

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Thanks for MRA reference. They look good quality.

I think I must be deformed. I have seen a number of people commenting on buffeting from the touring screen on their V85TT but I have no trouble at all.

Richard. 5’ 11”.

I think it’s a 6’ + problem, I’ve seen a few reviews in magazines and online from people saying the travel screen works well but they dont say how tall they are, an inch can make all the difference lol

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I’ve read quite a lot about riders changing screens in a search for the ultimate. Is the TT any worse than any other naked bike?

With the short screen on a test ride, i didn’t have any problems, the particular issue with the touring screen is it deflects the air just to helmet height and causes buffeting. Worse than no screen on my cali and suzuki, but the deflector attached to top has removed 90% of the problem

I have changed to a Powerbronze Powerblade set up and this has improved matters a little as has fitting a pair of ”Mickey Mouse” ears to the cutouts at the front of the tank. I still find in some circumstances that I get buffeting but not as bad.

I found these in a Spanish Guzzi group;