Winter storage

I own a 2014 moto guzzi 1200 sport Rosso Corsa which I want to store over the winter months, it has recently had it’s first service and will be stored in a perma bag with dri sorb canisters, in my garage, is there anything else I need to do :astonished:

Charge battery at least once a month. Do not keep it permanently on a trickle charger as that will only ‘boil’ away the electrolyte, and if it’s a sealed battery then you’re stuffed.

When you say don’t trickle charge, do you mean the Optimate type chargers, or are they OK?

It’s said that the Optimate type chargers can be left connected all the time the bike is not being used. In fact I know of some riders who have left them on for months on end. Myself, I don’t. I have three bikes and tend to put them on charge for a week at a time in turn, so one week in three, if the bikes are used or not.
I’ve read that the latest Optimate switches off automatically after 48 hours if the battery is ok, but I’ve no idea if they switch back on as the battery loses charge.

No personal experience of Optimate so can’t comment, except to say that I understood that they are supposed to be safe to be left on, being ‘intelligent’.

Agree Al…and don’t ask me how I know…

Optimate should be OK to leave on all the time, as they are ‘intelligent’ and will not over-charge the battery according to the documentation (have a look at their web site for a full explanation).

I have 3 bikes and one optimate, so like the poster above I circulate it between the bikes (each has an Optimate fused lead from the battery accessible outside the bike so it’s a matter of moments to connect and disconnect). I leave it on until the battery condition light is ‘green’ and maybe a day or two after that, then put it on another bike.

At the moment it isn’t connected to any bike, but I’ll probably connect the Griso this afternoon for a day or two.

My bike lives outside and I use an Optimate with a flying lead so I can give the battery a charge once a month or maybe every two weeks if it gets really cold. Haven’t had any real problems, only a fault warning and that was just the earth lead from the battery to engine bolt needed a clean. I don’t know if it helps but I do put a few more psi than normal in the tyres before covering the bike up.

I leave my bike for 6 weeks at a time and always take the battery out and leave on an ‘intelligent’ charger for the whole period. Never had an issueÂ

I always stuff a rag or cloth in the end of the exhaust as I remember someone mentioning years ago it prevents moisture build up  and the exhaust rotting from the inside. No idea what truth there is in this, but never had any problems.Â