Wiring New Left Handside Switchgear to V3


Has anyone replaced a LHS switchgear with a Domino replacement ? If so any advice on the matching up of the 9 wires on the new part to the 12 on the old switchgear. Any advice gratefully received.

ThanksMighty Mouse2013-12-29 09:40:53

At the risk of resurrecting a 5mth old thread…I have got the same issue. I have replaced the Domino with a Universal LHS which has 9 wires versus 12 on the original. This is because…I think…the pass and horn are on separate switches on the new part…which has confused me.New connectors on old loom.Different wires between original and replacement…and what’s left over.Any advice please?

start with getting indicators and head lamp working properly, add the horn then insulate whats left and don’t worry

fitted a yamaha xt set to my v35 and have 4 left over for head lamp flash etc

Er, (?) connectors in first pic don’t seem to be crimped very well.

They’re not the prettiest Mike but they are biting hard and aren’t going to shake loose.Thanks for the advice Iain…I will probably do that…don’t think I have ever used ‘Pass’ ever anyway.

Absolutely, but the correct tool, you won’t regret it.