wiring problems stelvio

hi anyone got any ideas ,with a answer with a problem with my stelvio 08 mod head lights are not going out when you try to start the bike and 2 relays are staying live even when key out causing battery to go flat have checked relays etc and looked at wiring loom , can not find fault checked all conections etc so any suggestions would be helpfull peter

Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your Stelvio. Just had a look at the wiring diagram and relay 5 is described as the headlight logic relay. Presumably this is a normally closed relay so, if it is burnt out, closing the ignition switch will not interrupt current to the headlights.

Good luck,


hi thanks for info , have checked all relays all ok . think i might have found a way around problem , , but snaped plastic outlet pipe from fuel tank , so got to fix that 1st , had family stuff to do , so no time in shed hopefully tommrow night , have a go ,

If relay is OK, then it’s not getting 12V to turn off the headlight? Bad connector? Relay coils are very low current so the slightest bit of tarnishing on a connector can stop the electrons getting through.

thanks for replys think ive fixed it , now peter