Wiring to starter solenoid V35C

I bought this bike partly assembled and not 100% complete. The starter solenoid has 4 external connections, the 2 obvious heavy duty ones plus a threaded brass post and a male spade connector. I can see from the wiring diagram that a wire should go from the 87 terminal of the small cube relay to the solenoid. Please can anybody confirm whether this should go to the brass post…or to the male spade?

Any help appreciated. TIA.

if its a Bosch starter motor, then you might have the wrong solenoid
usually the top screw terminal goes to the battery, as per yours
the bottom screw terminal feeds the top brush on the starter
and the spade terminal is fed via the starter relay ??
I wonder if somebody has used a different solenoid ?

that type of terminal is common on Japanese motorcycles, possibly a secondary feed
have you powered it up from the battery, and checked if their is voltage on the brass threaded lug ?
as this model was never imported to this country it may well have been a police issue starter motor with output for something else
if it works when you power the spade terminal up, I would sheath it with a plastic plug and a drop of silicon

The wiring diagrams I have for V35 models all show a heavy cable from the battery and a lighter red wire from the starter motor relay terminal 87 which is the trip to the starter motor solenoid, usually to a spade terminal.

I have no idea what the additional large terminal is for, try testing it with a meter. It could be a power take off for a radio or some other equipment as RG suggested?

Many thanks for the replies. I rigged up a donor battery and have established that the starter works with the relay wire attached to the spade terminal. Feeding the brass threaded terminal does nothing. It is not continuous to earth and doesn’t show a voltage when the starter is powered… So I have no idea what it is there for.
Anyway I’m happy … Thanks again. :+1:

Actually it’s just occurred to me, perhaps it is there to hold a solenoid cover in place? Maybe on a different model.