Hi all.

 I am a brand new owner of a 1995 Cali. I have NO technical skills ( Perhaps not the best mix ?   ) Can anyone recommend a auto electrician in the Manchester area that I could take my bike to ?



Towzatronics.Comes to you, club member, recomended by others I know.Has a beard.Google him.

Thanks Ian I’ve looked him up on google. Looks good. Cheers.

what are the problems with the electrics? big or small, what part of Manchester are you living in?.


Towzer is the man for rewires etc


Ah Relays - go here http://www.dpguzzi.com/

Top Bloke and fast delivery

Thanks for the replies, apologies for the delay in replying…( down to technical stupidity ie could find my own post ! ) Bike starts and runs ok but the previous owner has fitted some extra lights. These appear to go off when the horn is used ( nice) and the headlight wont completely switch off. The word ‘bodge’ comes to mind :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recommendation Ian. Towser has just baled me out and even came out on a Sunday. He’s reasonably priced as well. Good bloke.