Woodruff key, Guzzi 2002 Cali EV

I need the Woodruff key that locks the oil pump gear to the drive shaft on my 2002 Cali EV. Does anyone have one of know where I can buy one ?.

Gutzibits :+1:

Thanks but tried them and no good

Stein-dinse seem to have them - and it’s a ‘common part’ right? Apols if not, not an expert (in anything). Always worth trying Reboot Spares for odd bits, they’re often breaking Guzzis and stock changing, so ‘an ask’ is the way to go. HTH.

The part number is 13148300 and it seems to be common to many Guzzi’s, both big and small block. “The part fits to the small & big Moto Guzzi engines with 350ccm-650ccm & 850 ccm-1000ccm, but also on some Moto Guzzi models with 750ccm engines.”

Here is one seller listing it

Keysteel is readily available is you know dimensions required. You can always buy a longer one and hacksaw to length. For info a rectangular key is not a Woodruff key as they are half moon shaped.

When I was an apprentice I milled 100’s of keyways :+1:

Thanks, it takes me back to my apprenticeship where we had to file square blocks !.
I think I have found a supplier in Germany.