Wurth Progressive Fork Springs.

Hi All,
Does anyone know which way around the Wurth progressive fork springs go, ie tight end down or up?
I have looked at the instructions but my German is not up to scratch.

Cheers Jon.

If you have a smart phone, add Google Translate and it will translate text via the camera. It’s not brilliant, but gets there in the end.
I can’t imagine it would make any difference myself, but worth checking. Is there no picture?

I am inclined to agree with Don regarding which way up the springs should go. I would expect that the spring effectiveness will be the same either way up.
However… according to their instructions, the tighter springs should be at the top.

Hopefully this link will work : https://www.wirth-federn.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Progressive_fork_spring_install.pdf

Unless they are in some way sexed you put the tight coils at the top - less unsprung weight that way.

Many thanks, Don-Spada and Richard,

On revisiting these the spacer/spring retainer at the bottom of the forks only seem to fit the tight spring ends.

I am having trouble with these springs although they measure up for the Le Mans 2 and the FAC air assisted dampers measure correct I cant compress the spring enough to fit the bottom spring retainer and circlip.
The damper tube at the bottom of the forks seems too short 277mm and is the only used part in these forks from my basket case bike, so not sure if it is correct for the Le Mans 2.
Thats the trouble with basket cases, but I will get there in the end.

All the best Jon.

Makes sense, altho there’s already the mass of the wheel, tyre, brakes etc. so not a lot :smiley:

Photo in that PDF implies the close coils end is at the top.