Yarnton to Cassington Road Closed

Heads up. Have just been advised by a Cassington resident that a landslip at railway line means the Yarnton to Cassington road is currently closed. No other details, sorry!

Additional - just checked this morning and it looks like the Burleigh Road, from nr. Bladon into Cassington is also closed. So that’s pretty much a block on getting into (and out of) Cassington to/from Yarnton & Bladon directions.

It seems that the brickwork on the railway bridge on the Yarnton-Cassington Road collapsed, leading to an incident with a train. Thankfully no injuries or dramatic derailments.

I went from the pub toward the crossroads, then turned left over the railway line, and right into Bladon, no hold ups

good to know. I picked those ‘road closure reports’ up from the Oxford Mail. using the A40 to get to Cassington isn’t exactly a palatable alternative!