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A nice selection Richard.
I liked the choice of music for the last video. “Long Train Running” by the Doobie Brothers is a tune that I often sing to myself when I’m out on the 850T. I think it somehow captures the feel of the bike. It pulls like a freight train. Some might say that it has the performance of a freight train. :astonished:

Here’s another Guzzi vid:

I like it …! Can we carry this on?, and “hi-jack” this thread … Or is it preferable to start a new one …? When I am on the bike and the planets are all “aligned” … the music that always comes to mind is “Rocky Mountain Way” by Joe Walsh … Anybody following knows it’s playing because my head bobbles about like a Thunderbirds puppet …!!! Regards, Tony

Great videos :smiley:


Posted this a couple of years ago in the racing section.

I am on the red bike with the yellow helmet. It is classified as a 1972 V7 Sport, but the rules mean it is effectively a 950 Le Mans.

The camera bike is also a Moto Guzzi and is ridden by a mate, Nick Powell. We first locked horns back in 2000/2001!

As you can see my bike is a lot faster. Through the fast kinks it was doing 125+mph i.e. 8,000 in fourth / 7500 in top.

Nick is on a pre 1985 750 – claims it is a standard engine – but I suspect a a little bit of work in there!!

Chris Staltenstall was also in the race on his 950 Le Mans and just visible in front of Nick at the start. But way up the road from us at the end.

Thought it might help pass a few minutes for those still in lockdown.

Nigel :smiley:

Nice. Very nice. Great action on the last lap, and I like the way he has front and rear facing cameras.

Still leaves my Honda Bullet Train in it’s dust. :smiley:

This is the one that isnpired me to put Mistrals on my 750 Breva