Zigolo 110 exhaust finish?

Has anyone refinished the exhaust on one of these. Its seems to have a dull grey finish in factory photos, either zinc plated or high temp paint. I know a guy plating but he wont chance the exhaust in case its fouls up his bath and my experience with high temp paint is not great, unless I can get a good brand. They are pricey to buy new from Italy at €300 posted. Anyone?

There seems to be several fifferent exhausts on the Zigolo from a long chrome torpedo type (similar to the Stornello) and a short dumpy one under the engine
Marmitta Scarico

marmitta Scarico cromato

I guess yours is the first one. The seller A Fossili does some nice stuff but is mighty expensive, you should be able to get cheaper, but it is still 200 Euros, about the same as a full system for mine.

I too have never had much long term success with heat paints, Itook the view on my Lemans that black paint was cheap and just repainted it regularly.

Thanks Don…The 98 zigolo had the lovely fishtail chrome exhaust…The 110 had a collector box and finished in dull aluminium. Trying to find a correct finish is tricky without having to buy a new one.

If yours is sound, then I would try some silver VHT paint.