Zigolo 98 Series 1 (1953)

Hi Everyone. I recently impoorted a Zigolo 98 Series 1, first registered in Turin in September 1953. As I understand it, the model was only presented to the World at the Turin Motorcycle Show in December of the same year, so a very early model. I have plenty of documentation, when it was registered, registration number, who has owned it, how many times it has benn sold etc. It has matching frame and engine numbers Z24120235. All great. However, when I looked up the VIN Nos for the bike, it tells me that between 1953 and 1957 (the 98cc Run) the Nos run from 23110001 > 232011300, NOT a 24 in sight!
Has anyone any ideas? Is anyone out there a Zigolo Expert/Fanatic or knows anyone who is?

This Little Bird (Zigolo means Bunting) was painted one colour (a grey) with a black headlight. No chrome. This was to keep costs down. Has anyone a shortcut to finding out Guzzi Paint Codes and suppliers to save me hours of researching on the internet.

Thanks in advance for any help suggestions forthcoming
Mike Burton
Zigolo 98 Serie 1 . 1953 . 2.jpg
Zigolo 98 Serie 1 . 1953 . 1.jpg

Thats a tidy looking example. Sorry can’t help with your questions. The frame number info that I usually refer to on the Dutch Guzzi club website has the same list as you quoted from.
There was an eBay listing for a Lechler colour chart from the 50’s that covered the Cardelino and Galleto models. You can still see the listing here…
If you happen to want a silencer, there is one for sale on ebay now, not sure if it is correct for your bike?


Thanks for that. Sadly the silencer is for a later model.

Mike Burton

I now have a Manufacturer, Colour Name and Code: Lechler, Grigio Pietra (Stone Grey) 8058.

Does anyone know if this can this be sourced in the UK?

Mike Burton