Zigolo Lusso 98 Engine Stop?

Simple question, is there an engine stop? I can find no evidence of one. Throttle shut off is not great as a reliable idle is needed when you are out riding surely?

Not sure about the Zigolo, but removing the key stops my Stornello. I suspect yours is a few years older and so may not have luxuries like a key!

Have you seen a user manual? No mention of a key in there.


I have an Airone, not a Zigolo, but my bike is also lacking an ignition key. The key is just for the lights and horn.
When I want to stop the engine, I first allow it settle to its low tickover then whack the throttle fully open. This causes the engine to suck too much air and the engine stops.

This works well on a 4 stroke with a fly-wheel, I can’t promise it will work on your Zigolo, but probably worth a try.

I’ve got a copy of the original manual for my 98cc Zigolo. It basically says to stop the engine, as you come to a braking stop, drop into third gear and release the clutch, to stall the engine.
Not what you would normally do, but with no keys or ignition, limited other choices. I have toyed with fitting an inline switch before the coil to isolate the spark plug.

If the Zigolo has an external coil (like the Stornello) then a simple switch connected to the points wire could be used to earth out the lead from the points. That would stop the engine.
Something like this would do the job