Zigolo parts

I have been contacted by a guy in Holland who has a stock of Stornello, Zigolo and Galleto parts if anyone is interested, let me know.:-As for Zigolo - for the 110 cc model I only have a used, Original silencer.For the 98 model almost everything - used of course.Let me know if you are interested and also in the Zigolo stuff.Combined shipping is less expensive (I hope).I also have a lot of Galletto parts for the various models.

Hi I am looking for Zigolo points and condensers can you advise a supplier.


Try Stein Dinse, Teo Lamers, or any of the Italian dealers for bits like these.

Hi Don

They dont seem to have a lot listed for Zigolo’s
But thanks for the effort I will keep searching.

Stewart SW France

Here you go

Parts manual for sale on ebay for a Zigolo if anyone is needing one
Zigolo Parts Manual

Hows that bike coming along Don?


Hi SteveIt’s coming along nicely, engine is best part done and back in the frame.The painting is half done, it’s getting a bit cold to do the finish paint at the moment.I am getting a few vital nuts and bolts back from the platers next week so can really make a bit of progress and get the forks back in, the shocks back on and then get the bike up on its wheels. Will post some pictures when it’s rolling.