Zigolo tyres

I’m just wondering what folk are putting on their zigolo/ stornello restoration as regards tyres? I’d like to replace the Pirellis on my 110(front 2.5’’ x 17’’, rear 2.75’’ x 17’’)and would like to keep the classic thread pattern.Is it possible to still get these? Thanks

Have you tried Feked yet?

Feked or M & P do cheap and cheerful black round rubber ones, that is what I have put on my Stornello, They certainly look the part

Thanks guys…They look great Don…Is this the front one?


Front 250 x 17, rear 275 x 17. I take it the 250 denotes 2.5’’ ?

Are you getting my emails and PMs Sean? If you’re not interested in the
rocker covers, a simple “no thanks” would be appreciated.

pm sent David

From what I discovered, there is a range of tyre sizes that will fit the 2+1/4 rim size. It is also known as WM1 or 1.60 in the modern sizing. I fitted a 3.00 x 17 rear but a 2.75 front as I have a narrower rim on the front.I have a note that the original sizes were:-Front: ribbed 2.5O~17"; Rear,
studded 2.75-17" Try this for the rear http://www.feked.com/budget-17-motorcycle-tyre-rear-275-17.htmlOr go up a size to a 3.00 x 17I would put a 2.75 on the front myself, the rim size is fine for it.http://www.feked.com/budget-17-motorcycle-tyre-front-275-17.htmlIt’s actually cheaper than the 2.50!

Thanks for that Don!

I have not had mine on the road yet to see how they perform, but they are certainly cheap compared to the tyres for the V twins

I have them on my Lodola GT and they grip pretty well. Not tried them in the wet mind you…

Tyres ordered!