Please - can anyone tell me what grade of oil I should use in the Zigolo gearbox?

Apparently the gearbox uses oil of the same quality as used in the mixture! They recommend SAE30 in the mixture.
Have a read of the Riders hand book here . I personally would be tempted to put a light gear oil or maybe some 20/50 in the gearbox and a 2 stroke oil in the mixture.
Have a browse around the site, you will find parts books and manuals, possibly in Italian, but the pictures work and you can pick up the idea of the text with Google translate.

Noted, Don-Spada - many thanks!

I know this is a specialist singles thread but should the club really be talking about Zigolo’s on it.
I mean I am open minded but…

Why not i thought thats what the site was ment for.We dont all want to be putting the world to rights.