ZTL rules in Italy - BEWARE !!!!

I have been on holiday twice this year in Italy and got caught on camera in a hire car costing 200 Euro in fines. Apparently some cities have recently set up ZTL (zona a traffico limitato = areas restricted to only certain vehicle types) These are typically in old parts of towns with narrow roads and difficlt access. I never saw the warning signs at the time but have now found them on the web.They appear to be hung above the entry to the restricted area with visible cameras along side them. Tho signs are white rectangles with a red circle at the top and “zona a traffico limitato” with pictorial indications of exempted types of vehicle below.
I am currently contesting my penalties because one of my passengers is registered disabled with appropriate badges so should be exempted :imp: . I don’t expect to win on this since I expect the authorities will require such exemptions to be requested and registered in advance

Good call Pete…

yes that’s a like! from me. :wink:

I wonder how many Itaiians get caught out by the London congestion zone…

Since paying the fine, I found that the local police have a website where disgruntled victims can post complaints/excuses etc (but must be in Italian language!) Fortunately my Italian is just up to this so I replied saying I should have been exempted as one of my passengers was registered disabled and has appropriate EU badge, I then got a reply saying in effect -tough luck - the rules say I should have registered this in advance using the phone number on the DIVIETO notice board (which I never saw anyway!)

Can you take bikes into them?

Yes - from the website it seems that two wheelers are exempt but look very carefully at the noticeboards

I wonder wether it was due to it being a hire car, they forward the fien to the hire car company, who send it on to you
I winder if you took a british registered car in wether they would bother chasing you up for it ?