4 shires meeting

Not wanting to tread on any toes but would anyone be interested in an informal group meeting in the Stratford on Avon area or its immediate environs?

After all, the evenings are drawing out now… :cold_face:

Weather permitting and subject to other commitments I might well be. Particularly if it was on the south side of Stratford.

The Stag on the A46 'twixt Stratford & Alcester is where I’m thinking, but Koti at Chipping Campden is another possibility.

There are more than a few Guzzis in the area, so I was just wondering…

Main issue is that most of the pukka branches are all miles away, so something a little more local might be nice?

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

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I’m fully up for the Stag or Koti. Ive been to the Stag a couple of times and Chipping Camden too albeit not Koti.

Koti is on Battlebrook Drive, off Station Road.

From centre of Campden, head toward Shipston on B4035. Station Road is before the bridge on your LH side. Good place for a coffee and a chat.

Looked it up and it sounds an interesting place too.

Any gathering of Guzzisti has to be a good thing. It will be worth letting local branches know so that they can circulate the information. Warwickshire has a particularly active branch.

Hi as I said, trying not to tread on toes, it’s just that in this neck of the woods we’re a bit isolated. For instance, my nearest group is in Oxfordshire.

Not really trying to poach anything except eggs (!) but thought a little local meet-up wouldn’t go amiss…especially as we’re blessed with some nice locations round here.

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Good on ya :+1:
As @guzzibrat said ‘…it has to be a good thing’
you never know… i may well join you.

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I’m in the southern end of Gloucestershire near Stroud so particularly on a winter evening going up to Droitwich for example is a fair old trek particularly as I’ll be on the bike. Meeting somewhere for a coffee or something of a weekend lunchtime is more doable. As Speedy said don’t want to tread on toes and create schisms just a bit of chat.

No hint of toe treading or poaching. I’m thinking about the potential for getting people together and supporting your best hopes for meeting up​:+1::it::motorcycle:

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Well that’s 4 of us at least…I know of another person from SoA who might be interested but don’t know if they’re a club member (new-ish V7) but will ask.

Given that snow is on the immediate horizon, not much in prospect for next couple of weeks (me and my bikes are allergic to salt!) but say mid-march meet up for a coffee somewhere?

I’d be up for it…

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I’d be up for it but I’m scheduled to go back to sea in mid February. Won’t be home then until May / June.

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No problem. Just keep an eye open…

Hope you’re going somewhere warmer than here!

Hopefully weather will be better by then!

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I’d be interested. I’m in Cheltenham and my Guzzis are 54 and 69 years old, so I’d only come when the weather improves. Anywhere in the Cotswolds is good for me. The Laverda guys meet at the pub in Willersley first Sunday Lunchtime each month and it seems a popular venue. There was a guy who organised a meeting near Stroud about 18 months ago, but that seems to have died a death. As Steve says, the Warwickshire branch is very active, so from Stratford you might want to join with them.

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Brilliant. You’re on the list. What bikes have you got?

I know Willersley quite well. Where to the Laverda mob meet? Bell or New Inn?

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The Laverda guys meet at the New Inn. I have a 1955 Falcone Sport and a 1970 V7 Ambassador. I look forward to meeting up when the weather improves. Cheers, Derek

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I live in Bearley between Henley and Stratford. Not very active (lazy) age 83, ride a V85tt don’t go too far but enjoy it. I am very fit. I will keep a watching brief and see what you decide. Fred


Hi Fred.

Watch this space. There seems to be enough of us for a meet up at the Stag when it gets a bit warmer. Looking forward to meeting up.

I’ll put another post up and PM all who have expressed an interest…




Hi, I am in Swindon, and would definitely like a ride out and meet up with you all, I do like the Fosse Way for a potter.
I work Thursday to Sunday ad an HGV driver, so my availability is very limited, but I will keep an eye out for anything you pan. Bike wise, this is my first Guzzi, a V85TT, and although I haven’t used it much, I love its. Happy biking, and roll on warm weather.