A Big Ask ! Electrickery ...

Well as the regulars know , i got a T3 in a Box basically. Its now Wiring time , and although i have found the Main Loom simple enough I need to know where all the relays / etc are actually placed… So heres my ask , Would you take the Tanks and seat off , and photograph where the Electrics are , front to back , showing all connectors , and Routes , and relay positions , although i know where some are , i need a Hand … Any electrical wizzards in Norn Ireland ?

most owners relocate the coils to behind the left hand panel for ease of accessfuse box and relays on most bikes are under the right panel,but you can put them wherever you like

keithguzzi2013-04-28 20:11:43

handy link that might helphttp://www.s3750motoguzzi.co.uk/rewiring/rewiring.html

Thanks Keith , This is where i am , I have asked a Friend to call round , to see where that takes us

Those multi blocks are in the back of the headlamp for a reason, I have coils at the front, keeps them in cool airflow, BUt I have the old Convert oiltank under left side panel i use it for the breather catch tank.

The multi blocks if they get damp or vibrate loose or get dirty they cause all sorts of elektrikery problems, back of headlamp you can get to them clean them, even replace them easily I use a smear os silicone to seal them but even so every 2-3 yrs they will cause silly problems

I sure would NOT put them under the tank

That last photo is exactly like Spada 1/2 / 850 Le Mans 1/2, i.e. factory standard location for those connectors in that case, including the angled metal mounting plate, the ign coils are under LH side panel. Neither my Spada or LM had any probs with these connectors being here, or maybe I’ve just been lucky

And much better placed IMHO than the silly ones behind the headlamp that drop out, cut the power when you’re turning corners and wreck your loom little bit by little bit every time you turn the bars!italianmotor2013-04-30 16:51:56

Must be me then over 250,000 miles and 38 yrs and some how it still runs Damned unreliable these Guzzis

I am thinking of changing my username to “” Troublesome"" Is there any chance of some clearer pictures , i need to see where my relays go , i need to see more detail of the Wiring routes. I appreciate this is a big ask , but i need some more detail Rdgs

A seslection of photos in my Photobucket account Guxzzi bits album, I will try and add some more in a day or sohttp://s758.photobucket.com/user/don-spada/library/Guzzi%20stuff?sort=3&page=1

Ah I see yours has got the chunky thick filler flap

Is this a modified T3 with three heads ?

Mine is quite an early Spada,it also used to have the big chunky knee pads on the lower fairings, till I swapped them for the later ones off my old LeMans!

Don-Spada2013-05-01 23:47:40

I only mention it 'cause my Spada1 had the following NT tank with the smooth steel flap, and screw-in metal cap underneath, which I thought it was really neat, so when subsequently I bought a 2nd hand Spada1 tank for this bike I was like “eh wot? What’s this then?”
Mike H2013-05-02 18:03:17

Parodi2013-05-02 18:33:57

  In the last few   days i have had the misfortune of Jury service , so havent really looked at the bike .     I have been Following the Wiring diagrams of the T3 , It seems my loom is not a T3 loom . I borrowed a Le Man two , and it seems very similar the most noticeable of the Differances with my loom and the Le man is the Connector points under the Frame bar ,pictured above ..   Can anyone point me in the Direction of what this loom is off ?   Can i get an Electrical Drawing for it ,, Chris ?...

I found the Lemans 2 wiring diagram to be the best match for my Spada, although the one in the back of the factory manual is quite a good match. They are all pretty similar, just minor differencesChris 950s produces some excellent coloured and laminated wiring diagrams for a very good pricehttp://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=16390

Parodi, hard to tell from the photos what the loom is from, most Tonti framed bikes of that vintage have very similar looms with only a few differences such as side stand switch (or not!) My best advice is to try and match as much as you can and then see what does not match the diagram and what is not connected, and work from there, maybe adapt the loom? It looks like someone has already had a go at it as there are quite a few crimp on connectors.

Don, the cheque is in the post!

Ignition switch on top of frame tube, plus the connector block plate below, suggests Le Mans. This implies ign coils & regulator behind LH side panel. Further to that, therefore, relay in your 1st pic, top tube behind connector blocks plate, would be for headlamp flasher. This should have a mounting bracket so it can attach to the underslung bracket below top tube. Relay in your 2nd pic is then starter. Not sure where this normally lives, lower LH side panel area? Or behind battery? (like mine is.) Round thing in 3rd pic is indicator flasher, mounts top front of RH side panel.