Air filter fitting.

I have heard that fitting the air filter to a V35/V50 is not an easy task.
Is it possible to fit it without lifting the frame and could I put together a piece at a time on the bike?
The carbs are not yet fitted.

If it’s the same as my V50 Monza, it can be done with the tank off. Fiddly but possible.


Try removing the battery and coming at it from the rear. You may need to do it piecemeal as you thought

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There’s still lots to put on the bike so that might make it easier :crossed_fingers:

Agree with Mr P. Personally when i do them i remove rear wheel, remove inner mudguard and battery. Sounds long winded but believe me it saves busted knuckles, broken Oil pressure switch and a lot of swearing!!!

Also do it before you fit the carbs.

Regards, Nik

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Cheers, I was thinking of fitting them but not anymore. No battery so half the prep done!

Trying to reassemble the airbox. It came with a very grubby cylindrical filter but when I bought one it was conical. I can’t get it to fit together. It wasn’t fitted to the bike when I bought it. Is it me or should I have a cylindrical filter?

My memory says conical is correct.

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Thanks. It is, of course, me!
I’ll take a few pics of How I’m trying to assemble it when I can.

Is this the correct order of parts? I can’t seem to get the metal ring to fit into the inlet end. :man_shrugging:

I put K&Ns on my v50III.

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