Anyone had a dealer change 8v to roller cam?

I have a 1200 Griso and I love it. But I worry that at some time way in the future it will destroy its cams and in the process damage the engine with metallic debris in the oil. I’d like to get it converted to roller cam. Anyone know of any dealers who have done this? Cost?

Come on Baldrick, give us a guide, I’m up for this too on my 2010 Stelvio 15,000 rattly miles so far :confused:

I was thinking of asking this too. How much would parts be and how easy is it for a DIYer, or how much would a dealer charge? Also wondered if a bike that has had to have them done because of failure of old cams is likely to have problems from metal circulating in oil?

A dealer charges around £600 in labour the parts if you buy them are in the region of another £1000

I have heard Twiggers in Loughborough are good. Any dealer recommendations, Twiggers or others?

As far as I know, and from what I’ve read recently, Piaggio/Guzzi will supply the kits free of charge, you pay the labour costs.
Not sure about the DIY route, but I’d like to know as I’d like to do it myself ('09 20,000 mile A8 Engine Stelvio).Â

Some Engines need the heads removing to fit shims under the Ex/In Valve springs (can’t recall which), although I don’t see why that couldn’t be done without removing the heads.

The Heads that don’t need removing have a little drill-spot in the casting, next to the date indicator casting.
Mine has the drilling, luckily.

Plenty of info/insight on the Adventure Rider Forum, start here . . .

Because you need a valve spring compressor?

I realise that, but it could be done without one I reckon;

  1. Piston on compression stroke, about 3/4-way up.
  2. Fill Cylinder with Plastic BBs through plug-hole.
  3. Turn engine gently until it stops.
  4. Press down on Valve Cap and remove retainers.
  5. Once finished, vacuum out all the BBs, simples!

  You may need to rig a lever to compress the springs, but it wouldn’t be difficult. Certainly a hell of a lot less work/expense than removing the heads!Â

Yikes I’d want to do it properly! No chance of accidents. :smiley:


To misquote the late Brian Hanrahan you’d better count them all in and count them all out

And if there’s a miscount, head off to find the missing ones(s). :smiley:

Quite often short cuts just lead to more work. Resign yourself to the fact you’re going to have the head off whatever happens so might as well make it worthwhile by knowing you’ve done a proper job and there are no hidden surprises. :smiley:

Says he who was too lazy to strip both barrels down while changing a camshaft, couldn’t afford new cam followers anyway so just hooked up the originals with stiff wire while camshaft was being changed over.

Engine lasted just another 125 miles then bike ended up on a RAC recovery flatbed.

It’s a non-starter for me anyway, mine has the drill marking on the heads that signifies it’s had the Shims fitted already, plus it’s outside the batch that has the dodgy Tappets.

They all have the dodgy tappets except those with roller cam followers. It’s a design fault, not a materials deficiency.

So this is incorrect then, or is it a separate issue?

Service Communication: 2009-001 USA PRE-UPDATE CAMPAIGN NOTICE Technical Update Campaign-Stelvio 4V 1200 Engine- Camshaft follower/bucket replacement Models affected: 2009 Stelvio 4V models within a specified VIN range Stelvio 4V: ZGULZC0029M112385 to ZGULZC0009M112689 Production Date Range: 04/29/08 – 10/02/2008

From here . . .Â

I’d be interested to know where they got the info, I thought GuzziTech were a very ‘reputable’ source . . . :question:

Think that bulletin was issued in 2009…

That’s fine still, mine’s an '09, and the VIN number (ZGULZB***) falls prior to the batch quoted.

I could understand if they had another (later) batch with problems (it is MG after all  :blush: ), but any manufactured previous to that quoted batch should be OK.

That;s Stelvios. I was referring to Grisos, the subject of this thread. As far as I know, there is no reliable non-roller 8v Griso. And until we have more of them to prove it’s a real fix (earlier MG fixes didn’t work), even the ‘rollered’ ones are suspect!

An 8V is an 8V surely, no matter what Bike it’s wrapped up in? Â Â :wink:

Also, if they are all suspect, why did that notice specify a particular range?

Just given an Oil sample to a colleague at work (he works in the NDT dept.).
He’s going to arrange a full spectral analysis on it, might be interesting . . . Â

Basically that notice was only relevant at the time of its publication.

So there must be a subsequent one that condemns all Flat Tappets to an early grave?