Battery recommendations

The battery on my Convert has finally died, what recommendations for a more modern bolt straight in one?

Varta 530 30 on my Convert at the moment.

Hi there,May be worth clicking on the Search tab above and looking for recomendations/discussions. There are also some ideas on the Non OEM section.It’s a regular topic and there are differing opinions.Best of luckSteve
guzzibrat2013-01-24 14:50:29

Tanya as a supplier were very good for me.
You will need dimensions, though if you are going agm then a smaller battery will fit and they are better imho.

Motobatt get very good reviews with plenty of cranking power.
I have one on my 1200 Sport with no problems, good price too.
Look them up on ebay.DaveM2013-01-24 15:13:33

Odyssey PC625, probably not the cheapest but mine has never let me down & is pretty much maintenance free. Wouldn’t use anything else now.
Luxexterior2013-01-26 12:18:01

I did the search on Tanya and bought one of their reccomended AGM alternatives to the Lead acid one, mine is a V1000 now with gearbox but was “born” as a convert, the AGM spins it up nicely BUT I do have it on a battery tender thro Winter.

Banner 530 30 made in Austria on my T3 and the last T3 and LM2 300amp cold cranking and I think its rated at 32 amp.ralph2013-01-25 00:00:50

For the V1000 you need min 32Ah reccomended is 34Ah ESPECIALLY the Convert as you ain’t gonna bump it


Oddysey batteries can suffer fron sudden death syndrome, as can all the modern small size AGM type batteries. They just need to be discharged a little more than they like and that’s it.

The Convert was originally fitted with a 32Ah battery. I manage quite well with a 30Ah. The trick is to keep the bike in top tune. My Convert has never failed to start first compression.
But contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to bump start a Convert!
Shift to ‘low’ speed, pull in clutch, now here’s the hard part, get the bike rolling at over 37mph before releasing the clutch… You need to be at the top of a mountain to this…

Is that why you live where you do?Plenty of steep hills.Steve

Thanks for the input guys…was looking at the Motobatt but spoke to a friend last night who runs his own Motor Cycle garage and says he’s no longer going to supply them as the second batch supplied have resulted in too many problems/returns.Will research some other suggestions.

Al 37 mph …ffs that aint bump statimg met it needsThe Hulk t push it



Heard the same on Guzzitech.

I will be buying a battery in the next few weeks for my 950 (LM) and was going to go for this Westco (below), as I have had two Westco’s on my other bikes, and touch wood, 6 years on, all is well.53030 BMW Westco Motorcycle Battery 12V 30Ah (12V30) When comparing data from the Odyssey PC625 against this Westco, the Westco compares favourably, being slightly cheaper and having more AH and cca, but in the Odyssey spec it states that it has “625 cranking amps for 5 seconds.” Can anybody tell me, is this temporary increased cca unique to this battery or do they all have an initial “burst?” Based on the feedback though, it would seem apparent that the Odyssey is more than adequate.

Agm’s are high power in short bursts, Ideal for the newer bikes with the Valeo starter, I do have an AGM battery on the V1000 with the bOSCH STARTER BUT unlike THE PREVIOUS CAR LEAD ACID BATTERIES THIS DOES NEED TO BE KEPT ON A BATTERY TENDER WHEN NOT BEING USED OTHERWISE IT IS FINE i JUST LOOKED AT THE RECCOMENDATIONS FROM TANYA AND WENT FOR THE LOWER PRICED ONE…OOOps cap lock sorry


here y go 21:22:50