Bellagio banter 2017

Bellagios are rare Eno…and owners even rarer twould seem…am goin to poke the Dark Lord for ya…( he should be so lucky…Ha ! :laughing: )

Ok…he in foreign parts…he gonna grace us with his presence in the mornin…

Just a guess but red triangle most likely means “I’ve got a problem”. Otherwise as you say if spanner then it’s “time I had the next service”.


Not abroad again ???


Hola Chillun.

Si, i am abroad again (that’s what pensioners do innit) …
So. Mr Dunmore, you need to establish the fault code being flagged up and that may require some diagnostics equipment being applied, as faffing about with that pesky little trigger switch programme selector on the left hand bar clustter with our big sausage fingers, requires more dexterity that most people of our seniority can muster.
It’s most likely a sensor fault being picked up by the engine management checks in the ecu.
Other than the speedo malfunction, are there any other noticeable glitches in the performance you may have noticed?

…Ahhhh…I had to delve deep in my auld addled brain’s hard drive to remember that the speedo sensor located at the back wheel hub is notorious for water ingress & possible damage therefrom.

Damp / wet weather + (even advanced) Italian electric gremlins go hand-in-glove even with this noble 940cc steed.
…Sounds daft i know, but with the speedo uppit and a fault reference on simultaneously possibly holds a clue?
This HAS happened before in here and was rescued by a removal and dry out session with a hair dryer then a liberal application of silicone grease…
(two highly unlikely objects grace your dressing tabe i would suspect! :laughing:

That was my thoughts as well. I will look at the weekend.
And no I have never owned a Vespa in my life.
My brother has but he gives twats a bad name.

Oh god - he’s back.

God, I didn’t know she had gone away.

Great innit !..

:wink: Good lad Dunners…I did notice the clever parry to my blund rapier wit about the hair dressng impleents. :slight_smile:

Hillbilly, but plenty of logs for Mrs MF to drag up several staircases for the stove. Actually a rather lovely, if brisk, day today. Too much salt on the roads to even consider a bimble. Theres a good time a comin. Nice to see you about.

He ain’t lost the vernacular…


Nice to bump up with you guys again too!

Miko San the Radio Man, Laird Gavin McMF, Eno Dunmower and of course me dear Princess DuPotts!

I have missed you guys, but i have been through a pretty dark period and i had to buckle down and get the wheels back on track in so many areas that preluded any mad banter for a little while.

Sadly, i have had to sell up my bikes and the beloved Bella due to the onset of health problems that are now being addressed by health professionals instead of regular juju magic courtesy of the local Shaman priest. (nod wink)

I am proud to proclaim i am now firing on 7 cylinders and have a new ladle in my life to keep me on my mettle, and she is urging me to take up the quill yet again and return to the fold with all speed…
Ok, let’s see what 2017 brings.

All the best to you all!

And to you Dark Lord…see ya at Clox…

Nice to see the quill is back in action and as sharp as ever. Mind you, you are getting on a bit.

Hi Dave, glad things are on the up.

Ditto, also and as well as

It’s a joy for me even to see the firing up of the banter again not to mention the sight of your fan spinning on the right hand edge.
your great knowledge not only of the English language but also of the premier model is greatly appreciated. You know you have many fans on here.

Top o’ the marnin’ chillun! :smiley:

Ahhh, so refreshing to wake up and sit on the terrace in this hot bright sunshine, sipping my morning coffee and being back in touch with the ‘Rok Steady’ crew again.

Jmee…Cheers Mr. Yes it feels good to be getting back to a more natural lifestyle! what are you riding curretly bun?
…Miko, It will be good to see you at the clox in March. Are you still zapping about on that strange fangled contraption, or you back to the Guz?
…And Gav’ (hehehe)…Yep, i sure am getting on a bit and i feel it in me bones…Och, Ye’ll no see me striding through the heather in me kilt anymore, more likely a tartan onesie with a button back flap!
And last, but at no means least, Jimmy the Hawk! Our very own BB’s Irish correspondent and also a proud owner of one of the remaining Bellagisti…
Than you fo those kind words Jimmy,…I do love to write, and enjoy entertaining my friends with grammatical acrobatics based on the Queens English (as she am spoke) as i relate these pieces of the 940V storyline.
I will hopefully become more of a regular contributor prett soon, and i am always here, or in reach through our Kate should ou run in to Bella related issues and problems, o ride on my friend and we’ll all catch up soon!