Biker moron

Otherwise known as Biker Menace:
This moron definitely has small problem and can’t even ride a bike properly.
Why would you go around shouting at people and filming? Imagine what his blood pressure is like
Bike life 1, not sure how many there are, the beginning is hilarious: he’s so angry he drops his brand new bike and still posts the video.
He always covers his number plate, can’t think why.
I bet the police would love to id him
Enough people hate us already without pond life like this giving them just reason

I am surprised I was even bothered to watch it through, he is his own worst enemy. Most of the situations he gets into are because he is not conscious of protecting the space around him. If you push your position to the limit by overtaking everything everywhere, then you will soon be in conflict, however right you are. Sometimes you just need to chill and give way to others, even if it is your own right of way. No good being in an ambulance saying “But it was my right of way!”
At least he did stop for a pedestrian at a zebra crossing.

That is some of the worst riding I have ever seen. The bloke is clearly very arrogant, due to the simple fact that believing he is right and posting it on a public forum. At least he’s given himself an apt name.

The trouble is that he is far from being a lone voice. Almost as many comments supporting him as those suggesting he wind his neck in a bit.

That just wound me up.

One day he’s going to pick on the wrong sort of person and get a good duffing up.

I wish… :frowning:

Are you really wishing acts of violence on another human being?

That is just the sort of mindless violence that gives Cossack riders a bad name! :smiley:

I watched until he dropped then stopped.
His first bike, 4 days old, hopefully in a couple of years he will be very embarrassed about it all.
Or no longer riding.

He probably wont survive that long ,just becoming another static

I gave up at that point as well. I just thought what a prat! :unamused:
The first car that pulled out wasn’t even that close to him.

It looks like he is actually looking for confrontation. He spots a possible situation but doesn’t adjust his riding to avoid it. I think he just likes swearing at people and posting his bad riding on You tube, It will not be long before he is in hospital, either through being knocked off, or knocked out!

Good lord I didn’t mean that at all. All i meant was there are some funny people about. And not in an amusing way.

I am increasingly convinced I have Asbergers or something, sometimes I seem to be unable to predict how something I write might upset somebody. :frowning:

Then again . . .

‘If my thought dreams could be seen
They’d probably put my head in a guillotine’
Bob Dillon a long time ago.

That would be the mighty Bob Dylan then. Kind of truism that Bill Shakespeare might have come up with if the guillotine had been invented then!

Well I managed half of it. Gave up because in the end it was quite boring.

It is difficult to judge these things completely I find as you get a distorted impression of both speed and distance.

Said it was his first bike, and the general skill levels certainly demonstrated a lack of experience. Generally his positioning and lane discipline were both poor. The thing I don’t quite get is why he was so aggressive as a new rider. Almost looked like he was trying to copy dispatch riders before learning how to ride properly.
I stopped when he overtook a line of traffic too close and at excessive speed, and then came to a stop in the cycle bit at the lights. Illegal and certainly looked dangerous on the video.

Also don’t get how/why people have the time and energy to buy one of them camera thingeys, mount it to their helmet, set it if, then download the video, edit and upload to You tube. Quite a lot of faff in order to look like a d— in front of your peers, I know I can find much easier ways to do it.

He needs to get laid ( can I say that ?)
I bet he is a pleasure to work with, all anger and confrontation

More likely to get laid out I reckon. :wink:

That would be the mighty Bob Dylan then. Kind of truism that Bill Shakespeare might have come up with if the guillotine had been invented then![/quote]
I was looking at it and thinking it looked wrong.
Ah well.

Ian you deleted the "] after Somersetlemon so the quote didn’t appear in a bubble. :nerd:

Haven’t you got work to do or something?