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Good afternoon all.
First post but i have been lurking for a while.
I got myself a 2009 Stelvio last November and i am slowly working my way around a few problems and small upgrades. I really like the bike and the more i use it the more it impresses me.
My problem is the breather pipes from the rear of the rocker covers are in a bad way. One has had a sleave fixed over it and the other is on its way out. Can anyone recommend an alternative or should I try and get hold of the genuine parts.
Any advice is greatly appreciated

Opinions differ, but if these are just ‘breather’ (to oil collector?) and not pressurised, then any suitable hose of right dia/length will do. Even Halfords hose! On the other hand, if they were pressurised and/or include special fittings, I’d be calling Gutsibits (but that’s me, and my preferred supplier).

The only issue are the tight bends that these pipes have, which may lead to restricting the internal diameter.

Thanks for the swift response chaps. I am thinking that they are low pressure return hose and not pumped. Please correct me if I am wrong. I have access to lots of hose in my job so I might just make them up myself. The clamp on the rocker end is a bit of a pain so I will replace these while I am at it,

Hi all, these pipes are non pressurised breather pipes venting air and oil vapours from the rocker covers to a collector box which allows any oil to drain back to the motor and the air into the air box. Due to the tight bends it is not easy to use commercially available straight rubber piping as it tends to collapse at the bends. I have had a couple of sets made up to fit an 8 valve Norge. They do the same job as on the Stelvio but are a different shape due to the different positioning of the air filter. These pipes are moulded over specially made jigs and can be fitted as per the originals. One of the challenges is that on the Norge one of the pipes has an increased diameter at one end. The new pipes have a larger wall thickness (3.00mm instead of 2.5mm). Life of the new pipes is to be determined as the first ones were fitted about 6 weeks ago. The cost of the new pipes is approximately 20.00 each. I need a set of Stelvio pipes, new or used to make up the manufacturing jigs. I will attach photos later today. If any is interested in supplying a set of Stelvio breather pipes please let me know. The new pipes take about a week to manufacture. Cheers Phil

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I would buy a set if you do manage to go ahead with this. Unfortunately I need mine so I cant help with a set to copy.

@Phil_Skinner - I have a Sport, so not sure if the pipes are the same? But I am interested in a set should something suitable be available.

Sadly mine is daily transport and no spare hoses if you do require samples. I am popping the tank off this weekend so will have a look to see if its just the tight bends on the heads i would need.

Hi all, It would be useful if you supplied the part numbers of the breather pipes you need.
The Norge pipes are part number 883499 RH Pipe and 883500 LH Pipe. These are for the 8 valve motor. the Stelvio uses pipes 883034, RH Pipe and 883035 LH Pipe. My undserstanding is that the 8V Griso uses the same pipes as the Stelvio as it has the same airfilter in the same location as the Stelvio. ie the flat oblong filter situated under the seat at the back of the tank. The Norge uses a round filter located under the tank. I can supply Norge breather pipes as the jig has been made.
Hi Brian, I’m afraid I don’t know which model you have, “Sport” means little to me, hence the request for part numbers.

Just looked them up and I have
883499 and 883500 which are used on the Norge as well.

When you next make a batch could I place an order for a pair?

Hi all, I have, at last, arranged for a set of Stelvio breather pipes that I can use as patterns to make up new sets.
I intend to get the jigs made followed by new pipes for both the 8 Valve Norge and Stelvio.
So far, I have orders from Brian Dillamore (1 set of Norge/1200 Sport) and from Temp5848MB. Temp5848MB, when you pick up this message please confirm which Motorcycle you have so I can order the correct ones. Thanks.
I am based in South Africa and will arrange to get the UK Club members orders to be hand carried to my son, Mark, in Northampton.
He can then post them out as necessary.
I will need postal addresses, and other contact details, so please, either post them on here or e mail me at The latter would be preferable.
If anyone else would like to place orders then please let me know within the next couple of days.
The original part numbers are: Norge/1200 Sport 883499 & 883500: for the Stelvio 883035 & 883034.
If all goes well I am expecting them to be in the UK mid June. Mark will provide all banking details for payment etc.
The first set I had made and fitted to a Norge are working as expected. Obviously, the life of these pipes is unknown at present but as the company making them manufacture radiator hoses I expect the materials to be of good quality.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Cheers Phil

Hi Temp5848MB i have just gone back an read the string above and see you have a Stelvio. No problem, I’ll order them for you.
Cheers Phil

Phil, I have emailed you details.

Hi Phil
I would like pair of breather pipes 883499
883500 please. Thank you Jeff

Hi Jeff, I am away in Italy at the moment but I have sent extra pipes through to my son in Northampton. I’m not sure when they will get to him but you can certainly have a set. Cheers Phil

Thank you, Jeff

Hello Phil (@Phil_Skinner), my Norge GT 8V breather pipes are on the way out. I would be very happy to buy a set from you.

Hi, I’m not sure how many Norge sets my son has available in the UK. He will know by the weekend. Could you please drop me a mail on giving me your contact details and address and we will then confirm what stock we have. Cheers Phil

Hi all,
The first batch of Norge/1200 Sport replacement rubber breather pipes have been sold. I have, however,sent a second batch of five sets to the UK and they will be available as from 14th July. There are also a number of sets for the Stelvio still available in the UK. I only have personal experience of fitting one of each type so any feedback from others would be appreciated.

fitted the new hoses this weekend, the old ones had work hardened rather badly.

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