Breva 1100: Replacing oil filter

At my last, relatively recent oil change, I tried one of the Halfrauds filters with the socket nut on the end. I had bought a UFI filter but it came with a different number of flutes on it to the previous one/adapter I had…Anyway, the bleeding thing leaks so I want to remove it, but don’t necessarily want to redo the oil change. I’m guessing that I already know the answer to the question, but…Can I simply (carefully) replace the filter without getting a forearm coated in 10w60 as the oil system partially empties itself? Or will I just end up with a small loss with a filter full to be handled like a brimmed pint glass?

The short answer is no but just try nipping it up that may stop the leak
regards keith

I had the opposite problem. Bought new UFI and an adapter to fit, then found original one had fewer flutes. Messy business banging two screwdrivers into the end and putting a wrench across them, but it did eventually come out.Not sure where the oil level comes with regard to the top of the filter, but you could just drop some oil out into a clean tray first, then put it back in afterwards.

Personally would stick to the UFI filters way better quality than than the Halford ones will be

I’ve used the halfords one with a nut for 60k no leaks I’d put another quarter turn on it

Sounds like a long time to go between changes!

yes but it doesn’t affect the value of the bike. I asked the part ex value on my windscreen/pannied/topbox Breva against a 10k Honda Crosstourer DCT. On the mileage he said £1900. The panniers and box for the honda would cost an extra 4 figures. I’ll keep the guzzi it’s just run in.

Thanks for the replies Gents. I’m hoping I got the correct Halfords’ Filter - is the one you get half the size of a “standard” filter? I’m guessing that’s part of the problem because I’ve nipped it up more than a couple of time and dare not tighten it any further.

What do you mean by half the size of a standard filter. Filters come in all shapes and sizes, you need the equivalent to the UFI 2328700.If it helps the UFI one measures 79mm diameter max, and 90mm long.

Sounds like this thread might be shaping up to yet another reason to stick to the UFI filters!

I know someone across the pond did exhaustive testing of oil filters, cutting them up and measuring the filter area etc. But in real terms, as long as you use one of the correct spec, and change it at the right time (not every 60k ) any make would probably work fine. How often have you heard of an oil filter clogging?

The one I got (ref. no. found on a forum post - HOF ??? can’t recall atm…) is shorter than 90mm so I’m guessing that there’s is indeed a more suitable filter for the job.

Here it is: come out of it extremely well, FRAM on the other hand…

Halfords HOF293 is the one I always used from day one because the nut makes the change easy.

I see what he means!

He’s not alone, some of the classic car forums have apparently reported the same problems.

im sure i changed my oil filter on me griso once for some reason other than oil change and only a little oil dropped out .
would make sure you use correct size filter for your bike
.I remember i did it because of the same problem you got johnno2013-04-21 09:36:19

Sounds like that one is for the earlier in sump fitted filters.

there will be oil in the filter ,so when you replace put some oil in filter and a sear around oil filter seal .Dont over tightened

For what it is worth I am lucky on he V1000 the oil filter is on the outside I change it every other oil change The UFI filters are good for an awful lot more than 5000 miles, they are made for a V8 car and 20,000 miles + oil changes. YES I know that bikes give oil more to do so to speak but still.

The V11 has the trapdoor thing, hate it it does not really help as it is too easy to NOT tighten a filter correctly. I assume you did smear clean oil on the rubber of the filter?

I swap the filter on the V11 every other oil change as well BUT I pop off the sump in BOTH cases just to check the pressure valve and the bottom of the sump and so I can use a strap tightener on the filter.

Halfords filters “may” be less expensive BUT like many things they are made down to a price, I figure it this way How much is it if you stuff your engine???

I have never used any other filters than UFI and t’ old V1000 cracked on home from last weekends rally 2 up fully loaded 120 miles 2hrs 10mins door to door, and it has a fair few miles under it’s lil ol wheels