Cali side stand on 95 Nevada

Has anyone tried to fit a Cali side stand onto a Nevada? Im sure I saw the bits to do this a few years ago on a website but can I like as blazes find that web site.

Hi Gwen

The cali sidestand mounts onto a plate that can be bought and welded onto any frame. is that what you were thinking?
They do come up on eBay occasionally I expect Gutsibits also do them.
This bit

Thanks Don

That is exactly what I was looking for. Shall give those sterling lads and lassies at Guzzibits a tinkle and see if they have them.

Just watch out for how the stand sits along the frame when it is closed. It’s a big chunk of metal to try and hide under the footrest and alongside the exhaust pipe.

I know there is a fair old bit to do. Is not just a simple weld it on and of you go job. There is mounting points for the springs to be added as well as a stop for the side stand in the up position. Think it is doable with a bit of thought and time.

tis nice to see you here Gwen…

Don’t know if you could fit a side stand from the newer V7 to an older small block. It might be worth investigating

Thanks for that Don,

Interesting to note that Guzzi seem to have added a gusset piece on the new mounts. The one on our Nevada doesnt have this. All it took was some heavy handedness on the behalf of Irish ferries to bent the side stand bracket in to stupid position. We have had it straightened a few time but it always bends eventually. I have another lower rail from another Nevada of the same vintage and it shows signs that the same has happened.

Will investigate if adding a gusset similar to Guzzi’s will solve the problem.