Cali type side stand

After a morning fitting a big foot cali side stand to the Spada, I find I cannot refit the lower fairing as the mounting bracket is in the way.I have seen other Spada’s with the California side stand fitted and lower fairings so it must be possible.Are there different types of cali side stand?Is it a case of having to cut the fairing to fit around?Picture shows the side stand that I have fitted.

Hi Don
i had to cut the lower fairing to refit it after i fitted the Cali lower rail and stand,
you could always pop over and have a look before you start cutting yours to see how it was done,


Thanks Ray, I thought that may be the caseAlternatively sell the Cali side stand / frame rail and get a Spada 3 or Le-mans 4/5 side stand which mounts on the gearbox further back.Don-Spada2011-01-03 18:26:31

its only a small piece to cut out and not noticable when back togeter again

Hi Don Spada

When I was at University ( engineering) I designed and manufactured a bolt on ’ cali’ type side stand that fitted in the original location ( on the front engine bolt) that allowed you to fit the lower fairings ( I had a Spada mk1 at the time).

I still have one that you could copy in the garage somewhere or I could probably find the drawings/pictures

I seem to remember it worked quite well it was very stable!

Get in touch if you want some pictures

I have ordered myself a Le-Mans 4 side stand that mounts on the gearbox / centre stand mounting clear of the lower fairing.Will have a Cali left frame rail and side stand for sale if anyone is needing.

The le-Mans 4 side stand turned out to be a right bodge so am back to fitting the Cali stand which works well but rests on the exhaust when closed away and stops the gear lever full movement! Not good.Can anyone show a pic of how it should fit I assume I will need to make a bracket to hold it down in a better place.Ray, I feel some welding is going to be needed!!
Don-Spada2011-01-28 23:16:22

will see if i can pop over weekend give me a ring

My T3 Cali had/has a stop attached to the exhaust clamp to keep the stand away from the exhaust.
No pictures I’m afraid,

I’d be very interested in this. If you could pm some pictures I’d appreciate it.

The org does have an “L” shaped bracket that on the cali type fits to the rear footboard mounting a rubber grommett fits into the stand side of the “L” keeping the stand from hitting the zorst and it should keep it clear of the gear change, the cali of course has the heel toe gearchange so is higher up.

And there’s more…
have you tried a G5 stand that has a bit of a crank it in ? Might give you the clearance. Photo is of her G5, I appreciate that the foot rest position is slightly different as is the gear lever. And the knobby bit is further away from the gearchange than it looks.
I have a spare you can try.


Sorry to hear of your troubles, I also have a G5 type sidestand and frame rail fitted to my T5. You can see the stop on the bottom of the exhaust:I have possibly going spare an original T5 frame rail and sidestand, though at the moment this is offered to austin7, I don’t think it’s the right type for his earlier T5. This may be identical to the LM4 of course:

Thanks all for the advice. The T5 one would be perfect, that was what I hoped I might get when I ordered the Le-Mans stand. That should suit Austin 7, he shouldn’t need the lower frame rail as it will fit onto his centre stand and gearbox bolt.Anyone got another one of those in their garage!

I was handed a tin with some bits that were removed off my T5 many moons a go over the weekend and it had the side stand and springs etc amony many other odd bits and pieces!Thanks for fishing your old stand out Humbug, but if your ok Don Spada can have your later T5 one for his bike :-)I will post a pic on mine, the springs are different lengths and the small spring mount plate is very different from Humbug’s picture
austinsevenuk2011-01-31 14:23:11

Hi DonI had the same problems with my Cali stand. I had to chop a small bit out of the lower fairing to get it to fit.

Many thanks to Humbug, I have a T5 side stand on it’s way. See if that works any better. I will let you know

Many thanks to Humbug for the stand and Ray for his welding skills I now have a working side stand on the Spada at last . Only taken 22 years of ownership to achieve that.

Don if you wish to part with the cali rails and side stand I’ll take them off your hands, I don’t have the fairing lowers fitted on my Spada and I can adjust it to fit. If you are interested PM me with price inc postage.I have to say yours looks very tidy, and the T5 stand looks good.RegardsRick

T5 stand is a brilliant fitting, better than the Cali one in my opinion. Probably won’t be as good on the soft ground as a Cali stand but better for general use. And you can’t forget to put it up as it flips away when you lift the bike up.Same stand is fitted to the later Mk 4 and 5 Le-Mans and Spada 3 if anyone else is thinking about doing the same.Gutsibits do have one in stock.