Coburn and Hughes edition LM 2

Not really a tech Q, but equally it doesn’t seem to fit under other headers. (Mods feel free to move).

I just wanted to know if anyone else had one of these black and gold lemons?

I’ve seen Neil’s lovely bike whilst searching on here, but there seems to be little info about them.

I’ve found the thread with the post by the ex employee about the bikes being left on the dockside during the ‘winter of discontent’ and being resprayed by Dream Machine, but very little else to use as reference

So come on, show me your C&H bike. Cheers thanks for looking

Here’s a tidy one I came across, search Coburn and Hughes Guzzi

As with a few Guzzis there are real ones and “replicas”.
Having said that it was AFAIK a paint job to move old stock.
Very nice bikes
All the best

Yes in '82 or '83 C+H had the last few Mk11’s in stock painted by Dream Machine to shift them before the Mk111’s came in.They were discounted as well I think.Beautifull bikes.I heard a figure of 30 somewhere but that seems a lot.
iandunmore2014-09-09 09:18:36

30? I thought it was 200. Pretty sure they were £2999 - £200 cheaper than the Mk 3 so as to shift them.

I’ve got a mate with one that he keep threatening to sell . . .
BondEquipe2014-09-09 11:18:36

My mate Adam has one, it belonged to his mate Ed for years before that, a few pics here picsitalianmotor2014-09-09 11:20:54

Most sources seem to say 200. One other possible reason for the paint job may be 'cause they were left at the mercy of the sea air at Tilbury docks during the strikes.

200 does sound a lot… how many LMII’s did they sell in total here?

I have one of these. Bought last year it needed some work. I understood that they had been given the different paint job to sell them prior to the Mk 3 release. Not sure how you add a photo. Can send one by email. I have posted it to Pinterest at Easy to set up but if anyone can let me know how to add photo’s to this forum it would be helpful.


Here you go

Thanks everyone, most useful.
So can anyone confirm that it was just the paint that differed?

Otherwise they were stock LM2s.

BTW what was the std exhaust fitted? Was the comp exhaust available as an option at the time.

Thanks for helping out

According to Ian Falloon’s Sport and Le Mans Bible not only did the paint get changed but the price went up to £2999! No other changes are noted.

My first Guzzi was a black and gold LM2, bought new in early 82, if I remember correctly. I thought I was mad when I rode it home - it was so uncomfortable, and stalled every time I pulled the clutch in, as the motor was tight. Toured all over Europe on that bike - loved it!

I have a vague recollection that it was the first LM to use air assisted front forks (could be wrong on that): never noticed them making much difference to the handling, and as they only took a gnat’s f*rt of air, they were a right PITA to keep at the recommended pressure. Otherwise mechanically the same as the previous LM2’s

This was my LeMans back in 1987 with a stock exhaust system. They come up occasionally but most are getting on a a bit now Not aware that Lafranconis were available as factory fitment but were a common aftermarket addition.

Thanks for that. How’s that putting photo’s on the forum done then?
Photo is flattering as the bike is presenting a issue at the moment with misfiring. Still plodding through eliminating the obvious.

Christmas can’t come too early, (I’ve put an order in with 're indoors).

Thanks for the comments, and the pics.

Looks like it might be straightforward, putting it back to original, or near so.

Still no one with any bits then??

I can’t believe that someone doesn’t want to turn an ugly rubber instrument console into a beer token. Must be a mountain of them hidden in lofts and sheds, you just don’t see many standard mk 2s about, at least I don’t.

Cheers to all, keep the pics coming, I really enjoy them.

You need a photo hosting account like Photobucket (free) upload your photos onto there then get the IMG code from the share facility and copy it into a thread on here. Se previous thread click hereChris950s2014-09-11 07:52:44

Weren’t you building a special, or is this a different bike?italianmotor2014-09-11 07:55:26

Not I, my special was built but is in bits, awaiting funds and time to re-build…

Last time it was on the road (Oil on the paving was from my Triumph…honest!)

Nice bike Chris, though I meant Oldrat…