F****** Insurance!

Bike insurance due this month so went on line and got quotes. A company who’s name begins with a “B”, £93.00. Sounds good. Give them a ring to discuss 'cos of the modifications, (none performance enhancing) loads of chat, £150.00! Reason given, first quote was “On Line”, as if that makes one iota of f***** difference to the risk!

Total lying and greedy barstewards the lot of them.

Try CN.So long as the mods don’t affect performance or desirability then they are not bothered.

Tried CN. The background noise from their end was so loud I could hardly make out what they were saying and so after spelling my name and address for the third time I gave it up as a bad job. After a wasted afternoon I’ve gone with my original insurers and a pox on all the lot of them. If as they say, they share our information with all the other insurers, why do we have to constantly repeat it to every stupid company muppet when 'phoning for a quote?

If you do it online, you must accept and buy what’s quoted online, as far as I can see. The online deal is the cheaper option, 'phoning them up isn’t. Shouldn’t have tried telling them about the mods! What they’d most be worried about should be in their online form that you have to fill in or tick the boxes of.

The ***ds aren’t going to pay regardless of you telling them about a luggage rack or whatever anyway, they’ll squirm. Save yourself the hassle and hope that if you do ever need to claim you get to take the bike home first, strip and e-bay the extras (which the ****s will want to keep if they do write off the bike with uninsured extras).

There are spivs on street corners in Milan who pay out when you pick the wrong shell and it has the nut underneath. You get to stab them if they then claim they shouldn’t pay out because you didn’t tell them your Grandmother was Welsh. The In-sewer-ants don’t feel such fairness applies to them, treat them as such.

CN BTW are an utter pile of poo. In particular if you change anything at half year they’ll be after your house, both kidneys and have you bend over sans underwear before they’ll either make the change or let you cancel.


I found Carol nash very helpfu, they gave me classic insurance cover, its no cheaper but if some big mouth barry in his A% whacks me the other insurers wont be able to offer me a paltry sum as its ten years oldI have found from bitter experience that you get what you pay for

Try Peter James. They are very good.

Agree about CN.I have always found them good.

They all have their good and bad points…mainly bad.
The breakdown cover by CN is offset by their charge if you wish to make a change to an existing policy. I think it was about £35 last time I did it. If you change bikes regularly you would probably be better off going with ebike as there is usually no charge. Only use ebike if you are not a computer numpty though, as everything is online.

An ‘administration charge’ is quite common, in that respect they’re a bit like solicitors, for any kind of ‘consultation’ you get screwed over a barrel. The other day I increased the annual mileage limit for the car, for the extra mileage, £6 something, plus £25 ‘administration fee’. In other words, just to answer the 'phone and type on a keyboard.

As someone who has owned 7 bikes in 42 years I don’t change bikes on a regular basis.I think the whole CN ethos is around enthusiasts who tend to keep and look after bikes rather than run them for a short time and then change them.If you were doing the latter I would have thought the admin fee would have been the least of your worries.BTW that is not meant as a criticism of anyone.CN suit me.

Never had any issues with CN and they were superb with my write off last year. Settled in less than 6 weeks. Which allowed me to get my Guzzi a bit quicker than I envisaged.

Only gripe is stupid quotes for a 1200 Sport which I dearly wanted, but the same with all the others for some strange reason.


I’m with Lenhams. When they wanted proof of no claims, I asked why they couldn’t check the database. Got a letter t say that they were happy with that. I’ve never made a claim on my bike insurance in 37 years…

Good grief man, you’re not crashing often enough.

You should see the state of the car though…!

The only reason I didn’t get a quote from CN was because I couldn’t hear over the bloody background office noise!

Ok if it’s insurance rant time, here’s one for you, I renewed with Bennetts 3 weeks ago on my V11 Nero, £80 for an Equity Red Star multibike policy, very reasonable,
bought another V11 last week called them to add it on that will be another £80 please, what, why I said, hang on sir let me try it another way, cancel the original policy start a new identical policy with both bikes on it, £110, so I gave him another 30 quid and it’s sorted, unbelievable.Steve S2014-06-03 19:19:10

Never had a problem with CN in the twenty odd years I’ve been with them. Only had one claim in that time and it was dealt with very efficiently.Yes, it can be noisy at the call centre, but most of them are these days. Regarding any mid term changes, I’ve had dozens, having owned dozens of bikes over the years, and never had an issue. The admin charge is mentioned, but always waived when I question it. Sometimes you have to ask to speak to someone higher up the food chain, but so far I’ve never had to pay it.

I got fed up with all the online insurance stuff, never speaking to the same person twice , silly charges for the slightest change etc.
I decided to do what I used to do and deal with an independent broker for my house, car, bike and travel insurance and now I know who Im dealing with and speak to the same person every time and more importantly I think that in the event of a problem that there will be someone at the brokers who is on my side and able to help . Ive not had to test this theory properly as yet although when I almost had to cancel an expensive holiday as one of our children was seriously ill they assured me there would be no problem obtaining a full refund.
I may pay a little more but as ever, you get what you pay for.