Florida 650 ignition

I’m currently working on a Florida as a project. It comes with a motoplat ignition which as we speak appears to work as it should. However, given the reliability reputation and the unavailability of some items I have been giving thought to my options.
So, does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement electronic ignition for a Florida that came with motoplat as standard?
Thanks as ever

There was a Lucas Rita system made specifically to replace Motoplat on the big blocks.Come to think of it, I still have a complete Motoplat system somewhere.

Dyna S is looking like the only available option, any thoughts on these? Guzziology seems to suggest they are good assuming they Don’t fail almost immediately

Anyone have experience of these? Anyone replaced a smallblock motoplat ignition with anything currently available?

How old it the bike? If the ignition system is working OK after that time, why fix what ain’t broke.My Spada III was originally equipped with Motoplat, indeed it had a special distributor casting for this reason.Obviously it failed at some point so a previous owner fitted the Rita system. I got all the Motoplat bits when I bought the bike.On testing them, I found one coil had failed, nothing wrong with the motoplat at all.Later the Rita system failed, again it was down to a coil. Coils fail no matter what the system is, don’t condemn the electronics for that. The Motoplat has a built in advance curve, the Dyna still uses the bob weights I believe, which you don’t have, and which may not fit anyway. Cliff Jeffries ignition system will probably work with the Motoplat pickup. That has an adjustable advance curve built in. Google Silent Hektic which will also fit, but it does cost an arm and a leg.
Brian UK2014-01-02 09:04:50

One of the modules on the NTX was down when I got the bike. Having said that it was in a very poor state and had lived a neglected life in Italy and here in the UK.
I replaced both modules and have had no problems since. The bike has done about 30K in 5 years in all weathers.
Agree with Brian that if it’s OK leave well alone.
Speaking to small block owners from mainland Europe where they seem to run like we run bigger Guzzis (lots of bikes getting lots of use)the view is to run the Motoplat whilst saving up for the Silent Hektik Having said that at £350 ish it’s much more expensive than a pair of Motoplat modules.
All the best

Silent Hektikguzzibrat2014-01-02 09:33:46

Thanks both, I know where I stand now.
One last question.
The battery on the (running) bike I bought had all cells at about 50% full (water level). I have not tested things yet, still in the build stage but have been looking for a replacement reg/rec just in case with no joy. It only has 4 connections, 2 yellow 1 pale blue and the fourth with a tracer, Don’t recall the colours.
Any ideas if such an item is still available?

What alternator does the Florida have?Looking at the pictures of the Silent Hectic, would it fit with a Bosch alternator? Or do they have a different version for that application?
Brian UK2014-01-02 22:26:23

Thanks for your helpful comments and questions, as you can probably tell this my my first foray into the land of small blockishness.

It’s a 1989 (registered) V65 Florida and is fitted with a Saprisa (GUZZI 28712400) alternator, reg/rec and ignition system. Reconditioned alternators are available.

I have found a replacement Reg/Rec on gutsibits, it’s actually a later 7 pin model (use only 4) and apparently allows for better charging.

I have also found replacement ignition amplifiers, ouch! expensive, hope I never need then.

That just leaves the ignition condenser which I have not found anywhere but being just a condenser if anyone knows the tech specs, I guess anything will do?

All in all I am feeling much more comfortable, thanks again lawries2014-01-03 11:39:30

Stating the obvious…and yet…
Have found all electronic ignition systems sensitive to earthing problems.
whilst this is true of all electrical circuits I do pay particular attention with bike EI and will run extra discrete earths to be sure.
All the best

The later regulator is the one shown in the picture, it is larger than the older one. It does raise the charging voltage to just over 14v, the early one never gets above 13.75v. Hope Gutsibits dont store that rotor like that, it will be useless if it does not have a magnetic keeper in place, guess how I know. You are aware that the reg case must be earthed to a good earth point, otherwise you won’t get much of a charge. You also should be aware that there is a red wire from the alternator stator which must be connected direct to the battery positive terminal.

Hi just bought my first guzzi florida v65 19th have no spark at plugs system is electronic no life r spark do I replace the whole system revert to points system how to test where do I get the parts what’s the two b electric box’s below the seat look connected to ignition system where dodo I start she’sa 1989 bike turns over but no spark on both plugs help

The two metal cased boxes under the seat and above the battery are the ignition amplifiers. The reg/rec sits behind the left hand side cover. Fuse box behind the right hand side cover. Not sure where the condenser should be sited, on my bike it was cable tied under the seat to a frame rail. There are two relays for horn and starter.
Parts are available from Gutsibits and Stein Dinse. http://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php
What have you checked so far? Start with a fully charged battery, check the fuses and earth continuity.

PS: Where are you based?
lawries2014-01-11 07:04:59

More parts here

And I have just discovered a direct replacement for motoplat ignition amplifiers is available here;

PS: The Sparker TCI amplifier units from Ignitech operate both coils and are about €70 which is less than a single Motoplat unit.

Happy days lawries2014-01-11 09:15:30

I can’t see why you should need a condenser on the Motoplat system. Condensers are used to reduce the sparking on points. Certainly the Motoplat on my SPIII did not have condensers.

Links above corrected to work. Stein Dinse Saprisa Stein Dinse Motoplat Gutsibits Ignitech link TLM link

Brian UK2014-01-11 23:14:39

Thanks I’m in n.ireland bought this guzzi as project it’s very tidy with a good history power to all auxiliaries lights etc my mechanic says no spark at rotor n plugs what do we replace first whole system could be expensive but willing to spend 300 if we can get her running last owner said she was running on one cylinder but she not starting now turns over ok but no spark

Ok good news run direct live wire from ignition unit to coils n now got spark in both plugs my mechanic says broken wire possible cause says last owner must have messed with carbs as over spilling to breather rubbers so they have to come off


Works for melawries2014-01-11 16:03:27

thamks for help will post here how i get on

She lives broken earth thanks for the tip to check all earth’s carbs are leaking like sites so much for being told they had professional rebuild