Footfall in the forum

This is only the third post today, where is everyone? :confused:

faceache is taking over. I have yet to succumb…

I don’t know why it is, but I know the “other” forum has much more traffic and that anything I have posted there always gains more response than on here. A lot of the most prolific posters seem to have vanished into the mists of time. Was there some reason for them abandoning the forum?

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you read in Gambalunga it appears that the facebook page has over 2000 peeps looking in now. I have always thought that the forum was a club side show and few committee members ever visited here. I don’t expect that they will shed many tears if it dies. Shame really as it was a good online community once. Many stalwarts have left here, I won’t list them but I’m sure you know who they are, I miss them, but I guess that is just the way things go. It is after all a bike club and not an internet dating site :confused:

No Facebook here, look in every day,
(not on the other side as it were)
I think it’s a bit busier than it was last year, could be a good sign,
Roll on the summer :sunglasses:

I still drop in here occasionally, Facebook does seem to have taken over. The forum I also use occasionally has very low visitor numbers where as the Facebook page is thriving. It seems to be the way of modern life unfortunately.

Far from simple.
I can say that I’ve never heard a committee expressing a happiness to see the forum’s demise.
There is a lot of unpleasant history which has affected the demise. The disagreements and accusations which led to the split may give an indication as to why some committee members don’t post here.
Nigel and Uki (and others)are doing great work on the main website at present. The future shape and function of the forum is part of that work. As has been said many times…busy volunteers with a huge club related workload.
The forum members I had most respect for a few years ago have migrated to the WildGuzzi site where there is a good deal of technical discussion from people doing the work and riding the bikes. feedback from other former members is along the lines of the forum’s unappealing response to new members and what may seem obvious questions to those who have been around for a while. One described the forum a couple of years ago as “more cliquey than an Eton party”. How might we get people like that back? I usually suggest “Giving it another go”.
I’ve written plenty about the Facebook page previously. To reiterate; I see FB, forum, website and Twitter as complementary offerings.I regularly put a link to the website on the FB page to encourage people along.
The forum has to offer something to get people to use it. Loyalty simply isn’t enough.
Maybe the forum is something to discuss via a piece in Gambalunga or an item at the AGM?
Interesting times!

I regularly pop in here, but not much to see unless I’m researching an answer.

Steve does a fabulous job of promoting the club and he is prolific.

There are also a lot of Guzzi platforms to choose from. The ones that are easiest to use and are the most interesting get the traffic hence why FB has taken off.

Steve, you have mistaken my comments, I did not mean that the committee want the forum to fail, but since before I was a moderator on the forum there was very little interest in the forum from the committee, it was seen as a sideshow. Nigel is doing great work, Uki and I set up my old job as branch coordinator and I am aware that she is working in the background but a short post to say that they are making improvements would be very encouraging. I know you are a prolific poster and I am aware that the PRO post is a hard one to do and that to get dates from all the branch, national and international rallies and functions is labourious and time consuming, I take my hat off to you sir.

I put a post up on here last summer, a bit tongue in cheek, about the state of the branches, noting how long it was since various branches had posted anything on here. In some cases that was years. I was corrected by the current branch coordinator, firstly as I should realise how much work the branch leaders put in having occupied her post and secondly as some of those branches were healthy even though they do not post on here. I was and am aware of both of those points but still there is a general lack of posting from or about the majority of the branches. I see that the current incumbent has not posted since July or even visited the forum, so I assume that there is little need for posting information on here, which I think is a shame.

Others who are conspicuous by their absence are the club chairman and secretary, but I realise that Bath & Bristol and Mole Valley branches have other members for contact and updating the forum, and therein lies the root of my comment refereed to above. A short post or even a wave hello, you never know…

I have been a member of the MGCGB for over 30 years and active in the club for the last 11 years. Before that I used it as a contact for spares and services through Gambalunga but never went to meetings or rallies. I have withdrawn from the national and Essex branch coordination jobs as my time is very precious to me as I am self employed and very busy especially now with grandchildren to distract me from my fast shaft Tonti rebuild. I hope that there is a resurgence here on the forum, I do not do Facebook, I closed my account when I realised that anything I posted on there including photos, information and data were no longer my property. Each to their own. Keep up the good work, I must also get back to my work.

I visit the site here most working days. Yes – I still have to earn a crust, and I’m office based sitting at a PC so it is the work of moments and a welcome distraction from the tedium I mostly endure here.

I skim down the various headings looking at the date of the last updates – drilling in wherever I see something recent. Also I try and add some ‘odd’ comment here and there, however trite it might sound, often maybe just for others to pick up on.

However often you might visit, if you are only lurking then you’re not really bringing much to the table are you?

I only put this thread up to get the tumbleweed photo out again, quite apt for the current weather!

Does that mean you still have free use of Photobucket?


Just for info. Our chairman does not reside in the Bath and Bristol branch area, which is ably looked after by Jim Naylor who posts on here quite often.

Thanks Maggi, it was a guess as he is a regular at the Bristol Show, I think from the reports in Gambalunga, in any case I believe he is not a user of the forum as I can’t remember a post on here from him

So it would appear. When I log on to Photobucket I get asked to upgrade my account, but I just ignore all that and go direct to my library (which is only 5% full so why upgrade?)

Well I seem to have woken up a few people, let’s hope it continues so! Where is Ian when you need him! :smiley:

I won’t go near farcebook. It puts the “anti” into social media.

Quite a few seem to be lurkers perhaps they are shy, I might generate some login stats :smiley: :smiley: