Forum traffic...

Avin 'ad a look on both…I reckon theres more traffic on here at the mo than Guzziriders…which is nice…
Mind you …we seem to have a locked topic elsewhere… :laughing:

Please don’t turn it into a competition. :smiley:


Certainly not my intention Miko…
Nice tho…memories of it busy…and the BB…

Definitely traffic here has slowed, in my opinion there are to many different boards, the other forum that i look at is wildguzzi where there is only one board for everything ie tech questions, general discussion, travel tips etc this keeps it much busier attracting viewers from all around the world, maybe we need to make some changes here, discuss!.


Useful comparison for those of us not using the other forum which has been offered up as a model of success.
All the best

It appears that forums for a wide range of clubs and topics are seeing slow traffic. Lots of reasons by all accounts.
It’s good that we have a strong core group keeping this app e going.
Here’s to the future

Offered up as a model of success by some…dont view it as a competition…but tis nice to see more traffic on here…

+1 :smiley:

Well I can’t access this forum from my phone any more, since the recent security upgrade.

I would say that Facebook has been the death nail for most forums simply due to it’s ease of use. Plus the closure of Photobucket has ruined most Forum histories.
I rarely go on GuzziRiders, but do dip in and out of one for Triumph, T140 owners. That is very slow, one or two posts a week.
The Squadra Guzzista forum is having funding issues and has been off line for a few weeks now.

Strangely it still works for me!

Ian…I am on Samsung fone…no probs…

Good one Chris

Hi Jim, how are you doing? Did you have a good Burns night? There is a wing in Billericay Hospital near us for those who over do it on Rabbi’s night, it’s called the burns unit :wink:

I am still lurking. Good to see you line in jokes hasn’t matured any over the years

The old ones are the good ones :smiley:

Nice to be proved right once again.
If you are implying that the locked topic shouldn’t have been locked I agree.
However I am not a volunteer committee member so I go with the decision.

Will be unlocked imminently. There were reasons which precluded a democratic approach. Hopefully resolved now.
Have fun

I wasn’t bein critical Steve…I have my own thoughts on it…In fact those who have been using this forum for some years may have guessed them…Cant be doin with arguin for arguments sake…and that was how it was readin to me…x

Can’t argue with that… :wink: