Gel Battery advice please.

Hi, I need a new battery for my 99 Centauro and see that the old one was a sealed GEL battery which is fitted, laid on its side.

My question is can all GEL/AGM batteries installed on their side and will this one be suitable for such fitment.

Thanks DarrylDazGuzzi2013-10-26 16:37:27

Hi Darryl,

My understanding is that all GELL/AGM batteries can be fitted on their side. You might also want to consider a completely dry battery. Check out my review of the shorai lithium iron battery in this forum.



I wouldn’t buy that one, very poor spec. It’s cheap for a reason.Look at the Westco range, far better quality and much higher spec. You really need over 220 CCA to start a Guzzi on a cold morning. The Shorai range are very good as long as you have very deep pockets.

Try this one thinks its the same as 1100 sport injection.
wits2013-10-28 22:02:41

I get Odyssey batteries from

Hi Darryl
You can put them on their side.
Have the EV, NTX and Lario on gel batteries and very pleased
As noted above there is an element of getting what you pay for in terms of£:power
Best of luck

My personal view is that the Wesco variety are better value for money than the Oddysey. I have had both in the past.

Have heard the same from a number of folk including a well respected Guzzi dealer.
May go for one next time
All the best

Thanks everyone, probably going for Westco

Bought a Westco YTX15L-BS from Tayna batteries. £77 delivered and a very high spec.

Voltage: 12 Volts
Capacity: 13 Ah
CCA: 275 A
Cust. Rating: *****

Get what you pay for I suppose and the Centauro will need a fair wallop to turn it over.

Thanks to all. Darryl

Agreed. Westco are very good batteries. I fitted one to an old Yamaha XV750 I owned and it transformed the starting. That said, I know the general consensus is that I was mad to shell out for the Shorai battery but as we head into Westco and Odyssey territory prices start to ramp up and the differentials seem less forbidding. I’m not on commission from Shorai. Honest!

It will be interesting to see how the Shorai battery lasts. My experience of AGM batteries is that they don’t have a long life. The Lithium batteries are claimed to have double the life of the AGM, so making the cost more reasonable. What I was amused at was the talk on American forums of fitting these batteries purely to save weight. In most cases a diet would be cheaper and more effective.

When I bought the V11 Twiggers put a new OEM Guzzi Battery on it, That was April 06 Still all OK. It is also mounted sideways on.

It outlasted the agm one I bought for the V1000 THAT one gave up last year and following advice from Northwest I bunged an OEM lead acid one in that bike, far better at churning the Bosch starter over.

The Westco that I have just put on the Centauro really whacks it over.

Early days yet but it certainly packs a punch.

My Cali III has the permanent magnet Saprisa alternator and regulator and I don’t think the charging system regulation is sophisticated enough for a modern gel or AGM battery. It runs at 14.5 volts constantly once it gets over around 3000 rpm and it overheated and destroyed the Westco AGM battery I originally fitted. You may be OK with the Bosch or Ducati system though.

Gel and AGM batteries are excellent but cannot stand a high charge rate. You even have to be careful with your choice of charger.

Yes hence the new-fangled intelligent charging systems on modern cars these days, can’t remember it’s technical name, anyway they allow a higher charge while battery is cold and which is more like your ‘normal’ 14V, then when the battery warms up they back it off to 13V or maybe even less. This is because modern cars are increasungly, if not totally now, using maintenance-free types. My Clio’s is for example and that’s 3 years old so maintenance-free batts is already the trend of the way things are going, if there weren’t enough clues already.

Then get hold of the early Saprisa regulator, it keeps the voltage lower, usually under 14v. But I had the later reg on the SPIII and that never went over 14.25v.

I would suggest that any new battery will probably turn an engine over better than the old one it replaced.

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