Griso 1100 (2008)

Am seriously considering buying a friends black Griso 1100 (2008) 10,000 miles (approx) some small cosmetic issues to sort, It has the cold start valve and starting problem (direct wire fix ?) and needs a ‘low revs smoother box’ he says ?? has a non standard can (original included) fresh MOT. He’s had it from new so I know the bike well. Selling because he wants the new Triumph Thruxton this summer. Ive had a T5 before (until I crashed it - he bought it and did it up !) and have owned an 1100 sporti for 10 years (awaiting rebuild !) so I do love guzzis and am aware of their quirks. (currently ride a bmw 1150 gs)
My question is about ISSUES with the Griso 1100 (08) and VALUE - I want to be fair but not overly generous !! :smiley:
Thanks in advance for a how long is piece of string question ! :laughing:

an 08 bike 10,000mls one owner? the problems described are an easey fix. I personaly would pay no more than £4500 max,idoubt he would get more from a dealer. but as in all things, its worth what you want to pay .

Others will know more but I believe the 1100 Griso is solid and should last you many years.

I have a 2007 Griso 1100 and have had few problems.

Issues I have had are:
Chrome bars and mirrors turned to rust quickly - replaced.
Speedo drive failure - bought a new one and sprayed with 99p Plastikote lacquer from Wilkos. Its not happened since.
Neutral light terminal failure - spade connector easily accessible at back of the gearbox, right side. New spade fitted.
Clocks mist up - have taken clocks apart and cut in condensation drain holes, I am told putting a silica gel pouch inside also helps.

Thats it. The bike has been solid as a rock. I recommend getting the suspension set up, as its diabolical out of the factory. It also eats tyres if you run it hard, which I do… thats common to V-twins though. I have a Finebau Forge air-fuel ratio module for sale if you want it running better at low throttle without flashing the ECU. Also, keep the throttle cable tight or the drive lash can be disconcerting.

As to the smoother box thing… I went from a shed of an 1100 California to this, and actually asked if it had a microswitch / power assisted gearshift because its so smooth…