Griso test ride tomorrow

Hello, I am out for a test ride tomorrow on a Griso 1200. It is a bike I always liked the look of, but when I got to see one up close and personal i had to arrange to ride one. After a few years of trail bikes, sports bikes, and now have a Kawaski Versys I want something to stir my soul a bit more… I am quite excited for a 50 year old!

Where are you testing it ? Make sure to have a good long test as the charms of a Guzzi don’t always shine through in the first 5 minutes.
I remember when I tested a Griso, came back with the biggest smile possible.
Hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing if you have bought one.

Hi, I live in Oxford and I am testing it in Swindon. I know it is going to be a massively different bike to my usual style, but I am going into it with a completely open mind. I am riding their new loan bike, but have my eye on a Tenni Green 2011 model in their showroom.

What he said, try and get as long on the bike as possible

Well if you live in Oxford the branch of the club meet at the Red Lion Cassington 2nd Sunday at 14:00.Ownership and/or membership not required.And definitly take an hour or 2 to get to know the bike if possible.
iandunmore2014-08-15 14:08:23

I am getting 2 hours - maybe not long enough, but I am aware that this is a bike that I will be building a relationship with [ which is exactly what i am looking for ]

Cheers Ian, Will remember that. I am Ian too. Will let you know how it all goes.

Look forward to it.

I`m sure 2 hours will be plenty. Is the Tenni green the one with the tan colour seat ? I think that looks lovely if it is.

By the way, I have a feeling being 50 is on the young side here . I could be wrong and no offence to any of you old grippers lurking.
I myself am a wrinkly old 51.33 tomorrow to be precise !

Yes I am 61 and rapidly approaching middle aged.

Possibly going slightly off topic but is there anyone here under 40 ?

unfortunately too few, vast majority are old gits and codgers like me. reckon the average age must be nearing 60 but that does mean there is a wealth of technical and other Guzzi experience on herejim mac2014-08-15 15:08:36

Yes, that’s the one. And it has a termagoni exhaust fitted [ so should sound pretty good as well hopefully ] regarding the age thing…it’s all a state of mind [ as long as your body can keep up ]

Hopefully tomorrow you will be on here posting how much you loved the demo and maybe some pictures of the one you are buying ?
Best of luck .

I don’t think Eddie and Isabel Cox have hit 40 yet.That’s about it.

Thank you. I will be sure to post an update!

As promised, an update!

This bike was for me…Deal done collect next Saturday.

Sorry in the excitement forgot pictures. Managed to get a proper Griso screen and a tailpack into the deal.

This is the colourscheme but not the actual bike.

Great news, well done !Did it stir your soul as you had hoped ?

My favourite Griso colour was always black - until I saw this!
Gorgeous bike.