Guy Martin and The Wall Of Death

… or is it a smallish banked circuit?
this Bank Holiday Monday on the telly, live.

It’s a proper wall. I just read his latest book.

Rennaisance man our Guy…er wheres spellcheck when you need it… :laughing:

Nearly! :laughing: One ‘n’ two 's’s, apparently… i.e. I didn’t just know that… :smiley:


What I do is have google also open and use that as the spell checker.
I have seen that wall of death, impressed with the skill the first time but bored the second.
Have any riders actually died riding it?

Well I wouldn’t do it :confused:

Apparently it confuses the mind horribly until it gets used to it.
It is just that as a spectacle it impressed the first time but in the end they are only going round in circles.

I’ll try it on a roundabout on the A12 next time I get the bike out :astonished:

I read Guy Martin’s autobiography a few months ago. He makes interesting TV, but what an odd bloke in his private life. I guess you have to be a bit unhinged to do what he does, he admits as much in his book.

Nothing wrong with unhinged, I will have to read his book.

I enjoyed his book too… :unamused:

When I worked for Kodak we used to have a monthly meeting of all the managers from all over and I got to know the manager from Scarborough, she was a rider on the wall of death… my hero!

The follow up book “When you Dead You Dead” is pretty good too.

Its a bit like the banking at Daytona alledgedly…dont come off the power unless you want to fall off the wall…I think our Guy has Aspergers does he not…which I reckon is partly to blame for him not winnin a TT…yet…

Not heard that but would not surprise me if he were on some spectrum or other. Completely obsessed with tea for example.
I like his philosophy on travelling Europe in a Transit though; 90 mph all the way and only stop for fuel every 4 hours or so.

That triumph triple sounded brilliant around the wall looked great to


Although the same, so I’ll forgive you, BUT That was a BSA engine in that bike, just sayin’… :wink:

Yes a Rocket 3 but it looked like a Triumph badge on the timing chest cover. He wanted to go out for another run but the constriction of live TV made that impossible. Nice comment from his new mate David Coulthard “With those tight leathers we can see you have balls of steel” popped that in just before the 9:00PM watershed :astonished:

Were not the Rocket 3 cylinders slightly sloping forward whereas the Trident ones were vertical?