Guzzi Spares Policy

I posted about needing a Gear Selector Spring for my V11 a couple of days ago and have established that Gutsibits, Corsa Italiana and Motomecca have no stock on this item. I also discovered that in the past such places would keep a couple of springs in stock and replace them once sold. This item now has a Guzzi imposed minimum order quantity of 12 and the bottom line is that in these cash strapped times, dealers are not prepared to order in these quantities and tie up cash flow. Want a new footrest rubber for your Breva 750? That’s a dealer minimum order of 20 of which 19 will sit on the dealers shelf probably forever. Quite frankly, this is ridiculous and I am not happy that my bike is off the road for the want of a £5.40p spring. This policy is damaging to the Marque, totally frustrating for the end user and needs urgent review by the Importer, who I will contact shortly.

Try Steine Dense who advertise in Gambo.They very often get their own parts made up. BTW I have seen the same stupidity many times.Bean counters make crap managers.

Thanks Ian. The item is shown as in short supply and check stock. I’ve sent an email to see if there are any left.

When I rebuilt the gearbox on my Spada, I bought the majority of the parts from Mark at Rockingham Classics, being a local business.
I ended up with 10 gearbox gaskets, washers O rings etc as that is what Guzzi supplied, and I assume I paid for the 10!
So if anyone is doing a gearbox and needs a gasket or o ring, I have plenty stocks

Quite frankly, this is ridiculous and I am not happy that my bike is off the road for the want of a £5.40p spring. This policy is damaging to the Marque, totally frustrating for the end user and needs urgent review by the Importer,

But do they listen to us? nah.
Soo frustrating to see the marque being held back by such policies.

Not a lot of good talking to the importers, as all Guzzi spares are ordered by the dealer direct from Italy.I seem to remember Paul (of Corsa) talking about this a couple of months ago. He mentioned some bolts, which they did order, they came all individually wrapped, in one larger bag.

And the bean counters will merely move to another job as it will be the lower orders failing to implement their policy correctly that will be at fault.Like cabinet ministers, football managers et alle.

You may as well ring around other Guzzi dealers to see if they may have one in stock you never know

Try Twiggers

I always speak to to the lady at Stein Dinse (Mandie) who is really helpful rather than order and enquire by e-mail/ Internet.
The stock holdings necessary for minimum order from Italy should depend on levels of previous usage if the supply management system operated by Piagio was best in class.
All the best,

Not sure if it helps, but I would be happy to keep a couple of these handy as it’s obviously a much-needed item. If we could coordinate and get a dealer to buy a box of springs then it might speed things up. If this is possible, I would be happy to fork out up front if necessary. It’s an absolute nonsense to have a policy like this as eventually it could kill off the marque as the country will be littered with un-fixable bikes… Who in their right mind would buy a bike that can’t be repaired?Hugh

I believe years ago when Coburn and Hughes were importers, Guzzi insisted on stocks of frames and tanks etc. Our own then local dealer, Steve Kendrick reckoned that when the Cali 3 came out Guzzi told him that he had to stock for example, a petrol tank in every colourway ! He was’nt a dealer for long, but he remained a fan of the bikes till the day he died…

If Guzzi was long gone we, as the owners club, would be talking about sponsoring manufacture of a batch of essential spares like Vincent and AJS owners do.
Perhaps we should ask the Club to buy some parts and hold them as stock for owners if it is not economical for the Guzzi dealers to do so?

The problem is what spares do you keep and who keeps them as a club we work on a voluntary basis I for example have most of the club show equipment stored in my garage on dedicated club racking, we encompass so many different bikes that carrying spares though a nice idea is not practical, what makes more sense is for forum members with V11’s to get together and order a batch that’s one of the beauty’s of on line community’s Regards Keith8 Valve Eagle2013-06-04 07:32:57

Be interesting to see what the 100 Guzzi spares requested most frequently are…
What fails the most often? hmmm, guess that wouldn’t work as its ALL OF IT !! lol

its called ‘character’…perhaps this is all part of Guzzi’s master plan, keep us all moaning and talking about the marque…wouldn’t be Guzzi if we had nought to complain about now would it…rossoandy2013-06-04 08:26:50

just a thought, NBS specialise in Guzzi gbox repairs, do they keep the spring you need?

I have yet to take off the side plate but the symptoms are consistent with the failure of Spring Gearshift V11 Part No 04238300. The box has two other springs inside and these seem to be readily available.Mandy from Stein Dinse replied to my email within minutes but unfortunately they are also out of stock. Overall, the response of our favourite suppliers has been very good, those who promised to phone or message back did exactly that, even though the news wasn’t good.Teo Lammers is showing availability but I have never used this Company, are Members happy with their service? The only other stock I can find in in the States where a 5 gram spring will attract a $45 shipping fee! I’ll try NBS next and then move to the garage and remove the plate.

sound advice Baldini…

No problems with Teo Lammers. Hope their listing is up to date.

Removed the gearbox side plate and found the broken spring which was the failure prone one. This is part number 04238300Next is the view of the plate as it came off. That’s my lying on the drive carpet by the way, not the lounge.

I have used Teo lammers they are quick and good…