Guzzino 65 ANYONE own one?

Hi to All, I am a new member, and have recently bought a rather nice MG Guzzino 65.
I would like to see if there are many(any?) members on the forum that own, or have owned this type, even maybe the little single two stroke models that followed the “leggera 65”.


I think Mike Walker has a Guzzino, and should be bringing it to Stafford Show for us.
What part of the world are you in?


Thanks for that, I am in North East Hampshire, so unlikely to go to Stafford this year.
I will need help soon as a test run was fine… but now does not engage the gog or gogs it is supposed to do to turn Dyno and crank…
I would love some help on that one!
Cheers Ian :frowning:

Hi Ian,
I’ve only seen one other Guzzino and that was in a bike shop in East London. The owner has some other Guzzis but is not a member of the club. I could ask him if he can give any help.


Hi Richard, Thank you for that reply…I figure that most of the members here in MG GB club are riders of more recent models(and BIG TWINS :wink: so finding others with vintage stuff is not easy…

Its a great Classic design, I love it…
The dealer you say is in East London may have been the concern that I purchased it from…They had a showroom in London, but now operate out of a warehouse in Canvey Island…Lovely people to deal with, and were very helpful especially with the V355/5 form for the registration.
Does anyone had their wheels re-chromed…the wheels on my Guzzino are in a pretty poor state…I would think costs could be more than new rims and spokes?.


Hi Ian,

There are lots of members with Singles in the Club, the problem is that they rather spend their time ‘tinkering’ than in front of the computer! :slight_smile:

Cheers Uki

I would think that quote applies to most people in the club whatever their model :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


On the subject of chroming rims, I went to visit an old member, Jon Fraser over in Suffolk recently to buy some bits for my Stornello and he showed me some items that he had chrome powder coated. The results were brilliant. He had had rims, shock shrouds, gear lever etc done and you had to look very closely to see that it wasn’t real chrome.
He mentioned a company Aerotech that did it for him, there are probably others that offer the service.

Hi Ian, I have both 65cc and 73cc Cardellinos. I have almost finished restoring the 73cc version. the rims were very pitted and i spent some considerable time trying the clean them up with emery paper. it made a slight difference, but not a lot. I had the rims re-chromed and they look quite good and very shiny, although close up you can still see the craters left by the rust. I think new rims would be a better option. I would suggest that you try Guzziretro for spare parts. They appear to have everything in stock for all Guzzi singles. The parts books and workshop manuals are available on the web site and can be downloaded. Marco is very helpful and speaks English. The book Moto Guzzi Guzzino is very useful (ISBN 978-08-7911-440-0).
Hope this helps



Hello Ian,
I have a '54 Cardellino that came to the UK via South Africa (strange but true) bought as a non runner, sadly still doesn’t. Took quite some time to find some replacement 20" tyres, made two new sprockets for it, getting there slowly. Was fitted with a non standard exhaust.Still some work to do
Attaching the silencer to the swing arm possibly not the best idea

Hi all, there must have been a complete flock of Cardellinos in South Africa at some stage! I live in Pretoria and have a 65cc as well as a 73cc. the 65 is a runner but the 73 was seized when I bought it. It has since been restored and now runs well. All manuals are available and parts are still available. I use Marco at Guzziretro for my spares. He has almost everything in stock. I have translated the 73cc workshop manual into English if you are interested. Cheers Phil

Hi to you all,

I have just joined the club having recently bought a somewhat tired and rusty Guzzino 65 cc. Frame No. is MGH 13219; Engine No. ISA 546439.
Yet to get dating cert, but can anyone advise approx year? I was told 1948, but that may not be correct. Any info appreciated to assist in obtaining the correct spares.

Also, can someone suggest a few places for spares?
Photo NOT attached. How do yo do that without the paperclip symbol?? Cheers, brynthebike from South Wales.

Hiya Bryn

Welcome to the club. I am thinking yours is a Guzzi Hispania, built in Spain. The Dutch Owners club has a frame number list and these bikes have identifiable frame numbers to a year.
MGH 11800 to MGH 18632, - Hispania 65 1953 chassis (5 cijfers)
ISA … Hispania : enginecode with chassisnumber

Hi Ian

Try contacting Anglia Wheels in Sudbury, they will be able to either get your existing rims re-chromed or supply new ones and rebuild the wheels with spokes of your choice. Remember to paint or powdercoat the hubs!

Best wishes Chris

Hi again to all you Guzzino fans.

I have almost completed the rebuild of an old Chinese bike which is currently occupying my garage space, and will soon be able to start work on my 1953 (thanks for dating it) Guzzino.

Mine has no carb, magneto cover or silencer. The wheel are also well past their sell by date.

Can anyone advise on whether it would be better to fit an original, probably worn, second hand Dell’Orto MA13 carb (original spec I believe?) or is it better / possible to fit a new jap carb?
Also has anyone made a replacement silencer? It doesn’t look too complex if the right size tube could be sourced. The ones I see on the Italian spares sites seem overpriced to me; or am I being tight?!
What about mag cover? I imagine that has to be an original bought from Italy.
Any advice on sourcing spares, including wheels, either in UK or wherever would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Bryn

There was a mag cover and carb for sale on eBay just recently, but of course I can’t find it at the moment. If I come across it again, I will let you know.
Edit. It wasn’t eBay, it was Subito in Italy!

Any good for you? He also has a chain guard.

Sorry for late reply. I will take a closer look at his items and see what fits my model… I think I would like a nice shiny mag cover; it does tend to be the focal point on the engine. Bryn

Hi again,
Unfortunately I didn’t get to the spares that you told me about, Don. But I did manage to buy a new silencer from Pillon Dorino at Euro 120 plus P&P. Looks good and cheaper than others I have seen.
Now to the carb…
Mine is a Hispania model from 1953 but has engine No. ISA 546439 which makes me think it is a Type A machine. These seem to have been originally fitted with the Dell’Orto MA13 carb, and the next model had the MU14B2.
Does any know if it is OK to fit the MU14B2 carb to the Type A engine. The difference seems to be that the earlier carb had a 13mm bore compared to 14mm in the later model, and the earlier carb seems to have choke and throttle cables whereas the MU14B2 has a throttle cable fitting only but the choke is a lever on the carb.
Incidentally mine has a twist grip throttle !! But no problem to fit a separate choke lever.

Advice welcome please. Bryn

Sorry I have no idea on the carbs for one of these. I’m not a great fan of swapping carbs around but sometimes needs must. I did come across an mA13 for sale, not sure what the reserve is?
There are a few selling sites in Italy that I have been using for parts, Subito, Kijiji (Italy) and (It gives different results to searching the UK site)