Heated grips.

Anyone added these to a Sport 1100 inj? If so any pitfalls, experiences, and what did you use info appreciated.I have fitted an Oxford pair on my Pan and as I age I find the prospect of HAVS less and less appealing. Cold hands and vibration is a crap combination and the Sporti vibrates even more hence this post.

HI, not fitted to an 1100s , but to a Norge. I fitted a set of Dr Bike to the Norge, using the Norge switch and wiring. These are similar to the Oxford ones, but a little cheaper.
The Clutch side went on with no mods at all. The Throtle side once i cut away the Guzzi grip I had modify the plastic body of the throttle by removing the ribs. This is easy to do with a sharp knife. Use the Glue that comes with the kit to securely fasten the new grip to the twist grip.

Talkind Ray(ESB) a week ago he reckoned heated gloves were better.
Any views.
It is my right wrist that feels the cold.

I wont comment on that er… “issue”. Will have a look at heated gloves - with grips the wiring is static, with gloves there must either be some form of wiring to snag or are they powered from an internal power source?

For years now i have always used DAYTONA after market heated grips.

Not the cheapest but quality never is.

Never ever had any issues with them.

Fitted a set to my last Cali EV and wired them via a relay and ignition feed to avoid accidental draining Easy , readily available and superb.


Cheers chaps - I like the foam grips which I replaced recently - they (seem to) absorb some of the vibs. Strimmer replacement grips fit the clip-ons so I would like to keep that style. Heat may go for them so something that is controllable is what I am after. The gloves look a hell of a price. There are socks too and I think they are extracting the urine w.r.t. this type of clothing. Sino-prod costs must be in the 40’s mark.Grips it is - I can’t be bothered with charging wee packets of Lith-ion. Hard wired is good for me. So Dr Bike / Daytona / Oxford etc - I’ll run the checks.The Oxford units on the Pan I like 'cos it has a low voltage trip if accidentally left on, so you don’t drain the battery completely.

I fitted a pair of heated grips to a bike some years ago. My already warm palms got hot and my cold fingers stayed cold. never tried gloves cos of faf factor but I guess they are the only thing that would work for me. still using the cylinders at the moment. Good ol’ Guzzi’s

Yeah hot cylinders are good. In the olden days I used to heat pork pies up whilst rolling a fag during “comfort” stops on the Mk2 Lemans.Added a je ne sais pas to visiting girlfriends stinking of Melted Mowbrey. Happy days.

Before I got the Cali which came with heated grips I found these (or some thing similar)



IIRC they were developed for the snow-mobile boyos and essentially go under a standard grip. At least one of the versions (which I can’t find again ) were sized differently between the throttle and clutch sides (more of a heat sink on the clutch side)

No idea if they’re any good, but might be worth a look see

I have oxford heated grips with the four stage control
I find them perfect
they also have thermocouples built into each grip to ensure they stay at the right settingrapheal glynn2012-03-20 18:00:01

Fitted Oxfords to Helen’s V11 easy to fit, work well, no issues.

tried oxford and agree - good units. Have ordered these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Symtec-Heated-Grips-Hot-Adventure-Cruiser-Touring-/150512134234?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item230b38e85a to use under foam baja grips. Will report back.

I’ve got the Dual star heaters fitted to my B–a and they are very neat but don’t get as hot as the Oxfords fitted to my LM4.I too have a problem with HAV syndrome and using heated grips really helps :-)fitting a relay in the feed wire energised by a switched live on the bike (brake light feed is a handy one) saves any issues with forgetting to turn them off Good luck with the hands :slight_smile:

My old Sport Corsa with Carrillo rods vibed much less than a standard 1100 motor- it fact it was uncannily smooth. I know it would be an expensive way of easing off the vibes but you would notice the difference if you swapped the rods, especially at cruising speeds over long periods.
Guzzirider2012-03-21 07:29:03


Them’s the ones I found last time

I’ll write the link down this time

Arrived today - seems robust matrix - bit worried about bending them round bars but assume its obviously been done before. No glue - that’s a strange one too after the Oxford version. Wattage of clutch and throttle is different slightly and I need to wire in an idiot light and relay to let me know they are on to ensure they switch off and don’t drain battery. Other than that = will fit next week when on leave.

Let us know how you get on with those Symtec grips - I was thinking of putting them on the Griso last year, and found an article somewhere on the web a while back that seemed quite positive. The company ‘Winding Roads’ sells them too http://www.windingroads.co.uk/shop/product.php/116/symtec-motorcycle-heated-grip and from their photos looks like they’re fitted on a Guzzi…

I have fitted Symtec grip heaters to my last two motorcycles. They work well, and I was able to connect them up to the existing wiring on my Breva, so I can use the pre-installed switch. The switch options that come with the Symtecs are a bit small and cheap. I bought a proper Triumph switch for the Trophy 1200.The warmest hands I ever experienced on a motorcycle in winter were with heated gloves. You have to remember to unplug the wires when you get off the bike though, otherwise you can look a bit of a chump !

They are self adhesive.They are designed to bend.I use the wife’s hairspray to lubricate the original grips back on, which then dries sticky and keeps everything in place. (Just don’t let her catch you )I would wire them into a live that works off the ignition switch; that way they will go off when you switch the engine off.I always end up with a hotter right hand than left, despite the heaters being identified by wattage. The left one goes straight onto the bar, which acts as a heat sink; the right one goes onto the plastic twist grip, so there’s no heat sink apart from your hand.Mine were a Godsend last summer in pouring rain across Europe. Soaking wet gloves, but the Symtecs meant I could keep going all day.

I saw the instructions mentioned hairspray - being a baldy baztrd it will require to be a “SAS raid” into the hallowed area of “Imelda Marcos”.