HELP - Oil Pressure Switch - Cali 1100

Fiddling about with the bike and noticed that the oil pressure light didn’t come on with the ignition.

Pulled the lead off the oil pressure and grounded it and light came on. Put a multimeter across the switch and it showed open circuit.

I assume therefore that the switch is goosed

I’m doing the NRR at the weekend so need this sorting.

Just in case Gutsibits don’t have one on the shelf are there any alternatives that will do the job I should be able to pick locally?


A car one fits all you may have to do is alter the connector to either spade or bullett it is a standard item take old one and ask “Got one of these mate”…IF they ask the car…Oh it is for a mate it’s an old Fiat… lol

Not at all unusual for these to go… You might find the intermotor part number in Non OEM parts it was listed a while ago by "Northwest"guzzibear2013-07-02 20:54:53

Thanks GB. Any idea what the set pressure is?

I got one for a '96 cali from gutsibits yesterday.Ian


You had better not have got the last one

I’ll ring Gutsibits 1st thing tomorrow so hopefully will get it sorted.

PS - you can’t see the set pressure on it can you just in case I have to follow GBs advice?
tris2013-07-02 21:54:47

These things usually come on at a scarily low pressure, about 5 psi I believe.

Thanks Don

The existing one is marked 025 on one face and 033 OE on another (no decimal point)

If in Kg/cm2 then that’s 4-5 psi

5 psi is about right, I used to have a pressure gauge on the Convert and the light used to flicker at around 4 to 7 psi on tickover when the oil was hot.

the above post re this switch was deleted in error, it is now back under the OEM threadsthe Intermotor brand oil light switch is not the most long lasting unit so if you do find a stockist it might be worth buying a couple. the brake light switch appears to be longer lasting unit than the oil light switch.I have used these non OEM’s for years with no problems.

northwest2013-07-03 09:44:34

That qualifies for understatement of the year.I used to fit a good one and run up the engine every 6 months, and put the fuff one back as a blanking plug.New fangled bl##dy electrics, who needs 'em.

When you think by the time one does come on the mains are toast, Guzzis run very high oil pressure to keep the mains well fed.

I have a friend who’s Spada oil light came on.We dipped the oil and couldn’t find any so we got some oil from a garage we were filling up in at the time.It took almost 2 litres.Motored on and is still running as far as I know.The damn things are tough.

There is always an ominous friend lurking no matter what you say on here.

“I ‘ave a friend Oooo lived in t shoebox in’t middle o’ th’ road tha’ knows…Eeeeee were 'ard!”

Nevertheless 98% of the time IF the oil pressure light comes on and it is not just a faulty lektrickery gremlin, the mains will be toasted, friends and all the other things taken into the odd 2%

No Guzzi was harmed during this and this comment is not designed to hurt, imply or in any other way cause harm to ANY Moto-Guzzi in it’s execution it is NOT a statement of fact , more an observation based on experience of said factors.
guzzibear2013-07-03 12:04:26

Got the switch from the local factors this AM - £3.66 +VAT


I’ll get that screwed in tonight and hopefully we’ll be there!!

Thanks for the guidance every one

Thicko question - what’s ‘NRR’

Paul Harris told me they had a 750 Breva come in for a sevice with only 1/4 litre of engine oil in it.They carried out the sevice and the bike was ok.Not recomended but they are tough.

It’s that time of year so probobly the National Road Rally.Done it twice, good fun but the bloke(ss)s who do it on prewar bikes get my respect.

Yep thats it.

Bike needs to stop titting about now so that I can do it!!!

Oh right thanks! Yes respekt …

Top tip …use ptfe tape on the threads